Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Back! With Pictures!

So I've been a little busy lately,
 with job applications and whatnot.
 Along with the husband having a ton going on
 like having his dollar ride today

 I was super excited because they let me out on the flight line
 to take pictures :)
 I also got to take some pictures of the Blue Angels this week
 since they're just parked out there and all.
 I am excited to announce
 that I have already gotten calls for two interviews
 at a local hospital!!!!
 Thank God for such quick responses!
 I hate the online application.
 It's so unpersonal.
 And since they route your app through some larger corporation
 halfway across the country,
 it's hit or miss if you ever hear from an actual person.
 So now I just wait on my interviews
 and cross my fingers,
 and pray that they turn out
 and are what I'm looking for!

Stop by on Thursday for the song link-up
 and a giveaway!!

 Also, enjoy some of my pictures from this week :)
 Feel free to copy them, but ONLY if you link back to me!
 No stealing, it's rude.
Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!!


  1. I LOVE flightline pictures! Thanks for sharing! And congrats on your interviews! :)


  2. Awesome pics! Good luck on your interviews!

  3. Those are way cool pictures! Congrats about the call backs! I've always hated online applications most of the time if a place has them I would rather not even apply there thats how much I hate them haha

  4. Thanks everyone!! Not too shabby for a total amateur, huh? :)


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