Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Totally New Tuesdays #3

Hey Hey Heeeeeeyyyyy!
 Welcome back for week three of the new feature!
 This week, the lovely milspouse in the spotlight is Alyssa over at

Explosions of Love

here is her intro for the blogosphere!
 "My name is Alyssa and my blog, Explosions of Love, was started in December. I'm an Army wife to an EOD tech and a mommy to an 18 month old little girl. I started blogging towards the end of my husband's deployment. I needed a place to put my thoughts since it was hard for me to talk to the other wives in my husband's unit. There was a lot of drama during deployment and it created fissures in our very small group of wives. So I started blogging and it became something that I did regularly. I never went into it writing for someone to read, I just felt that I needed to write. My blog has evolved from those first few posts, which were almost all about Army life and deployment, to being about just about anything. I have posts where I complain about my parents and my in-laws, posts about my daughter (who I call Little Bug), even posts about something I read that sparked a random thought. I include humor, drama, and even some sadness. But there's one thing that is constant with my blog: it's all me. I don't hide my feelings for people or things when I write my blog like I would if I was having a conversation. So, if you would like to read about my life married to an Army EOD tech, a mommy, and a college student, please come on by and check me out."

She doesn't have a button yet and is searching for a new blog design,
 so that means of course that you should visit her page often!!
Her posts really come from the heart,
 and deal with every-day situations (like not wanting to study - which I know ALL too well these days!!)
 I have loved reading and I know you will too.
 So head over and show her some fellow milspouse love and support
 and leave her a comment telling her you are her newest fan!!

 If you know someone with a new blog,
 or have a new blog yourself,
 email me with an intro
 and I will email you back with a feature date!
 Happy Tuesday everyone! :)


  1. Thanks for hosting Alyssa! I'm about to go check out her blog! :)


  2. WOOHOOO for Alyssa!!

    I totally love her blog. :)

    Stopping by to say hi. :)

  3. I'm a new follower! I found you through "Explosions of Love" and I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog! :-)


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