Tuesday, April 24, 2012


100 posts. 
I can't believe that I have shared so much of my life with all of you!

Everything, really.
I am kind of overwhelmed today.
The sky is blue and cloudless and it's so nice and warm and breezy out.
We will be finding out our platform and where we will go
in 45 short days.
Our vow renewal is in a little over a month,
and we've had some very exciting news this past week
that we can't wait to hopefully share soon.

Our world is about to change,
much like it changed when we got married
when we packed up our little apartment in Auburn
when we both started our careers,
when we found the Lord,
when we got here and learned new road names.
Soon we will be learning everything all over again
and the thought is intimidating,
but exciting at the same time.
It's sad though, to realize that soon our group of friends here will all split up,
everyone will go to their separate planes and bases
and we will never be "this" group ever again.
I am reminded of my favorite episode of House, where a patient tells him,
"I'm going to base this moment on who I'm stuck in a room with.
It's what life is.
It's a series of rooms and who we get stuck in those rooms with
adds up to what our lives are."
We have loved this "room" of our life here in Pensacola.
We loved our room in Auburn.
We loved our separate rooms in Georgia and North Carolina.
And now I wonder if I will end up loving the next rooms in the same way.

Have you ever been stuck in a room with someone and had them say something so profound
it has stuck with you?
In what "rooms" have you learned the most?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Smell Barbeque

BE and I are hardly ever home.
I got a second job
and he's about to hit the flight line again.
And that means hardly any "us" time.
But here are some things we have done lately:

gone to a bluegrass festival on the water
had two dozen friends over for Easter lunch
spring cleaned
spent the day on the beach
 filled out paperwork for my new reproductive endocrinologist
and tried out a new restaurant.

But these things have also happened:

BE: "You know, it's a good thing that everything you do in the kitchen turns out this good. Otherwise, I'd have to fire you."
Me: "Oh really. And who would you get to replace me?"
BE: "...Colonel Sanders."

singing Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love To You" in the car while parked in the garage at our house just to prove we knew all the words

As I'm bending down to plug in my rolling computer at work:
"Yeah, girl, you plug that thing in!!!"
*moment of embarrassment and shock*
BE: "hahaha did you think I was a patient? Please tell me you thought I was a patient!"

Turning on a romantic song in the car to try to set the mood...
BE: "Hey, do you smell barbeque? I swear I smell barbeque. They must have known I would be driving down this way!"
Me: "Remind me to not try so hard anymore, ok?"
BE: "huh?"
Me: "Just remind me."

So, needless to say, it's been fun lately.
And that's so important when you're busy.
You can be all the busy with life you want, but at the end of the day,
it's important to be busy having fun together too.
And I think we manage that quite well.