Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Drumroll, Please!

Wow everyone,
I can't believe I have been this neglectful!
I truly am sorry. 
We have been swept away by so much the past few months,
it's still hard to believe.

First of all, 
BE finished his program and I finally got to pin on those beautiful silver wings.
I don't think I've ever been so proud of anyone in my life!
We also found out we will be a very happy B-52 family!! 
I jumped up in tears when I realized that we had gotten our first choice.
I am so grateful that BE worked as hard as he did through this program
so that his scores would enable us to go where we wanted.

Then, just this week,
we got official notification that after his training
(which will be 8 months in Shreveport, Louisiana)
we will get to stay in Shreveport at Barksdale AFB long-term
instead of getting transferred to the other B-52 base in Minot, North Dakota.
My mom cried when I told her we would be staying close!

We also had our renewal of vows ceremony,
and it was so beautiful!
It was all I ever dreamed, and so so so much more,
probably because while we had all of our family and friends there,
we got to announce that

WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!

I still can't believe it myself.
I think we are both sincerely in shock,
mostly at just how absolutely HUGE God is
and how much more than us He knows. 
We had finally gotten in to see a reproductive endocrinologist,
which was booked 4 months out for a first appointment
so we had just decided to lay all our trying aside 
and fore-go all the methods our regular doctors had had us trying
and we said we would just pick back up with whatever the RE told us to do.
Then, days before our appointment,
we found out that we were pregnant. I was at work and went downstairs and had a tech draw blood for me as a favor, and sure enough, when she handed me the paper back,
I swear I expected the millionth negative result.
But there it was.
The most beautiful word I have ever seen.
I literally fell to my knees in tears.
All I could do was sit there,
crying and praying with all my heart.
After so long,
all those tearful heartbroken months,
all those disappointing tests,
all our friends' announcements after a month or two of trying
(or not trying at all),
all those nights spent crying into the carpet,
begging God to just tell me why He wasn't making me a mother.
I was one.

To make it even more perfect than it already was,
guess when we are due?
Christmas Eve.
Sometimes I think He does it on purpose,
just to remind us of our place in the world.
And I'm so glad He knows better than I do :)