Ok, so now down to some serious business. Even though we've all had Operations Security (OPSEC) drilled into our heads, it's important to me and I know it's important to you!! Here are some tips for posting, just to remind all of us. Always remember how much is at stake when you post anything about military operations. I know it seems extreme, but you really could be leaking out critical information to terrorists or opposition forces who could in turn potentially harm the ones you love, especially those involved in overseas wars/conflicts!

  •  missions specific to units
  • locations and times associated with deployments, ESPECIALLY beginning and end dates
  • morale or personnel issues with troops or staff
  • personnel information (pay, wills, POA, orders for deployment)
  • security procedures (even for on your base!)
  • travel itineraries
  • any planning information (meeting times, items discussed) for operations
  • address and phone lists
  • capabilities and limitations of units (what weaponry they have, number of troops, transportation available to them, equipment they are using or have with them)
  • the movements of distinguished guests/visitors
  • port calls
  • any engineering/building plans
  • information that hasn't been released to the general public
  • how many months are left in a deployment (including percentages) or how long a deployment is being extended 
  • flight times/pilot and navigator schedules
  • any other information pertinent to plans, deployments, and personnel. This is a really long list, but think about it before you write it, and if you're not sure, ASK OR JUST DON'T POST IT!!! These are the lives of our loved ones we are dealing with - don't be the reason someone finds out information they shouldn't!! And if at ANY time you feel that someone is continually pushing you for private or unit-related information, report it to your sponsor. 
*List was taken and rephrased from http://heartsofourtroops.com