Friday, August 19, 2011

What It Means To Have An Awesome Dog

I have some exciting fun things to announce :)
 First of all, the blog is going to be featured on a fellow milspouse's site at
which is very exciting
 because I have been emailing with her,
 and she is an AMAZING person!! 
 Yet again I am so happy I began to blog
 because I have met such a vast group of great women.
 Her blog spoke to me more than I think anyone else's has done.
 Her story is so similar to mine,
 her feelings at the beginning of military life and the wisdom she brings is worth so much.
 So she asked me if she could feature me
 on her Different Perspectives page,
 and I happily agreed!
 So look for that coming up :)

 Also, I will be hosting MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY
 sometime this coming week
 so make sure you check back
 and follow me on Facebook and Twitter
 so you know when to enter!
 It's pretty cool (especially if you have kids)  :)

 And now for the other reason behind my random post:
 I stinking love my dog.
 I went to the pound my freshman year of college
 looking for a little dog,
 went back "just to see what was there" in the big dog section
 and there he was.
 Just sitting there, not jumping up on the gate,
 not barking,
 just sitting there looking up at me with big sad eyes
 ever so slightly thumping his little tail.
 I took him outside to play,
 and fell in love.
 When I went to take him back inside, he laid down on the gravel and refused to move.
 My heart broke for him.
 They told me he had been there for 6 months,
 his whole life,
 and was set to be put down.
 He was the "star pet of the week"
 even discounted.
 I signed the paperwork and told my mother about it after the fact.

 Now, four years later,
 I still love that dog more than anything else I possess.
 I suffered from chronic depression all the way through high school,
 and one day in college if it hadn't been for that dog
 scratching on the bathroom door and crying
I probably wouldn't be here today.
 I saved his life,
 and he saved mine.
He looks at me and I swear he just gets it.
 Some days, when no one else does.
 He's my best friend,
 my best comforter,
 and I don't know what I'd do without him.

 The other day when I came home from the doctor, the minute I walked in the door
 and saw him standing there staring at me,
 it was as if before I could even do anything he was saying, "I'm so sorry, Mom."
And I laid on the floor with him and cried.
 And he sat there, letting me, and licking my face.
 I love my dog.
 My husband has been amazing through this journey too,
 but there's just something about Buster.
 You know, science says that petting an animal greatly reduces stress?
 I think it's true. 

 my dog can fist pound on command.
 How stinking cool is that??



  1. Oh, I love your dog and I haven't even met him! He is beautiful and you guys are so lucky to have each other. There really is something about the connection between a human and a dog. Our dog is a rescue too and I swear she totally understands me.

  2. I LOVE a good dog story!! Our pooch was scheduled to be PTS if the Rescue Group we got her from hadn't swooped in! So I feel you. She's a great companion when the military feels like taking Mr. away for a bit/while.

    I just wish my dog would ride like yours...head on the console...and not jumping around all crazy-like.:)

  3. Awe, that dog is adorable, and I am not a dog person! I totally want to see video of him doing a fist pound!

  4. He always sleeps on the center console!!! it's so cute! I actually have a video of all of his tricks, a "montage" so-to-speak lol. I will try to upload it and post it!

  5. He is too stinkin' cute! I have the same amount of love for my furbaby! He is my constant through out this deployment! He may want to play all the time but I just know he can sense when my day has been all wrong and he decides he is perfectly content with just cuddling on the couch with me :)... If we are ever located in the same area in the future we should get them together for a doggie play date :)

  6. Your dog is a cutie. I love my dog too, and he is my first one :)

  7. Our dog sleeps like that. It cracks me up! He's so cute, what kind of dog is he?

  8. I know what you mean because my dog is the exact same way! He better out live me because I will be lost without him!

    P.s.- I would really love to see a video of the fist bumping! That has to be hilarious!!

  9. Isn't it amazing how our dogs just get it? I dont' know what I'd do without my puppy this deployment..even on the days she makes me want to strangle her haha!! Animals are such blessings


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