Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Back! With Pictures!

So I've been a little busy lately,
 with job applications and whatnot.
 Along with the husband having a ton going on
 like having his dollar ride today

 I was super excited because they let me out on the flight line
 to take pictures :)
 I also got to take some pictures of the Blue Angels this week
 since they're just parked out there and all.
 I am excited to announce
 that I have already gotten calls for two interviews
 at a local hospital!!!!
 Thank God for such quick responses!
 I hate the online application.
 It's so unpersonal.
 And since they route your app through some larger corporation
 halfway across the country,
 it's hit or miss if you ever hear from an actual person.
 So now I just wait on my interviews
 and cross my fingers,
 and pray that they turn out
 and are what I'm looking for!

Stop by on Thursday for the song link-up
 and a giveaway!!

 Also, enjoy some of my pictures from this week :)
 Feel free to copy them, but ONLY if you link back to me!
 No stealing, it's rude.
Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ask God To Bless Your Plans...

"Ask God to bless your plans, 
 and you will be successful in carrying them out."
 -Proverbs 16:3

and on that note...
 I have some VERY exciting news to share!!!
 As of about 0930 this morning, 


 I haven't been this excited
 or shocked
 in forever!!
 And of course I cried like a baby!
 I called my dad first
 and heard the sweetest words I could have ever heard,
 that I wait to hear from my father,
 "I'm proud of you"
 My parents were always pretty strict about grades,
 and I was pretty personally motivated anyway,
 so when I made A's in school
 it was usually along the lines of
 "great job! Now do it again."
 And I did,
 and I did
 and I struggled my way through nursing school,
 (which by the way has been listed as of 2010 in Guinness as the hardest degree to earn)
 and prayed to God to bless my plans,
 and as of today
 he has truly proven why He is my God
 and why I worship him.

Before I walked into my test yesterday morning,
 I stopped to pray,
 and told God that I knew that he had helped me make it through school
 because he wanted me to be a nurse.
 Because that's what I was being called to be used for.
 So I asked him once again to bless my plans.
 And He certainly did.
 I am on cloud nine.
 Called my mom at home and told her I needed her to do me a favor
 and write down a number 
 so I wouldn't forget it.
 So I read off to her seven digits
 and then paused. 
 She says, "Ok?..." waiting for the rest,
 no clue what I was talking about.
 So then, trying desperately not to cry,
 I told her,
 "Ok mom, now put an RN in front of that,
 because that's my license number.
 I'm a nurse."
 She immediately burst into tears,
 tears because she had never gotten to go to college,
 she had never been able to fulfill HER dream of being a nurse,
 and here I was,
 the daughter she loved,
 the daughter she had stayed home to raise
 and to teach
 and to support,
 calling to tell her that not only had she raised the first girl on EITHER side of our family
 to go to college,
 but also a woman who was going to have a career.
 I had fulfilled my mother's greatest wish:
 that one day, 
 I would grow up and do what she couldn't
 that I would "do better than she had done"
 and make her proud.
 And I attribute so much to her
 because she DID give so much of her life to me
 so much of her time and energy and sacrifice.
 And I love her for all of that.

 So BE and I are going out to celebrate tonight
 after my military wives small group,
 and I am still in shock.
 I did it.

 As Florence Nightengale once said:
"Nursing is most truly said to be a high calling, an honourable calling.
 But what does the honour lie in?
 In working hard during your training to learn and to do all things perfectly.
The honour does not lie in putting on Nursing like your uniform.
 Honour lies in loving perfection, consistency, and in working hard for it:
 in being ready to work patiently:
 ready to say not "How clever I am!", but
 "I am not yet worthy;
 And I will live to deserve to be called
 a Trained Nurse."

Totally New Tuesdays #4

Welcome back for another edition of
 Totally New Tuesdays!!

 This week's feature blogger is VERY VERY near and dear to my heart!!
 Her husband and mine went through OTS together,
 which is how we met.
 She is definitely a huge reason I made it through that journey!!
 Plus, she's super sweet and a TON of fun.

 You can check out her brand new blog at
where she blogs about life as a newlywed
 and new wife of an Air Force officer.
 Her page is really cool because she also lists
 favorite places they've been,
 and her photography (which is amazing!)

 Here is her intro for all of you:
 "Hello everyone! I’m Dragonfly, or at least that’s what I go by on my blog, and I am proud to call myself an Air Force wife. I have been married to my husband, Bee, for almost 10 months now and we’ve truly had an adventure so far. I started this blog after Bee graduated from OTS. We were in the middle of our very first PCS and I often found myself sitting in a hotel room with not much other than the TV, some books and magazines, and my computer. So I began to blog. The blogger world is all still a bit new to me, as is the military world, but I’ve been having fun, and my husband would say I’m obsessed :) . My first posts explain our names and a bit about us, and now I’ve been writing about the things we do, or how I feel, and even linking up! I have lots more posts planned and I’ve been enjoying meeting and getting to know other bloggers, so please come check us out and follow us on our adventure. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to meeting you!"

Okay bloggy friends,
 you know what to do!!
 Head on over and become her newest follower and leave her some comment love!!
 I hope everyone is having a great Monday!
 I took my NCLEX RN exam this morning bright and early
 and so I am going to be living the next 48 hours in total AGONY until I can find out my results!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

By Popular Demand, I Present... BUSTER!!

Here is our fabulous dog,
 Buster-Brown (known around the block as BB King)
 you know, like the kids' shoe?
For those who have asked,
 he is a pitt-bull/hound mix (or so we think)
 who is a complete wuss.
 Don't be fooled by his awesome tricks -
 he might be book smart, but the whole street smart thing totally eludes him.
 here is a little montage of all of his tricks.
 Well, most of them anyway.
 He is mostly expected to behave like a child,
 and therefore knows stuff like,
 "Go to your room!"
 and "Get out of the kitchen!"
 and "Tell Mommy when Daddy comes home," which he always does.
 I hope you are having a great weekend
 and enjoy the antics of our only child lol

Friday, August 19, 2011

What It Means To Have An Awesome Dog

I have some exciting fun things to announce :)
 First of all, the blog is going to be featured on a fellow milspouse's site at
which is very exciting
 because I have been emailing with her,
 and she is an AMAZING person!! 
 Yet again I am so happy I began to blog
 because I have met such a vast group of great women.
 Her blog spoke to me more than I think anyone else's has done.
 Her story is so similar to mine,
 her feelings at the beginning of military life and the wisdom she brings is worth so much.
 So she asked me if she could feature me
 on her Different Perspectives page,
 and I happily agreed!
 So look for that coming up :)

 Also, I will be hosting MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY
 sometime this coming week
 so make sure you check back
 and follow me on Facebook and Twitter
 so you know when to enter!
 It's pretty cool (especially if you have kids)  :)

 And now for the other reason behind my random post:
 I stinking love my dog.
 I went to the pound my freshman year of college
 looking for a little dog,
 went back "just to see what was there" in the big dog section
 and there he was.
 Just sitting there, not jumping up on the gate,
 not barking,
 just sitting there looking up at me with big sad eyes
 ever so slightly thumping his little tail.
 I took him outside to play,
 and fell in love.
 When I went to take him back inside, he laid down on the gravel and refused to move.
 My heart broke for him.
 They told me he had been there for 6 months,
 his whole life,
 and was set to be put down.
 He was the "star pet of the week"
 even discounted.
 I signed the paperwork and told my mother about it after the fact.

 Now, four years later,
 I still love that dog more than anything else I possess.
 I suffered from chronic depression all the way through high school,
 and one day in college if it hadn't been for that dog
 scratching on the bathroom door and crying
I probably wouldn't be here today.
 I saved his life,
 and he saved mine.
He looks at me and I swear he just gets it.
 Some days, when no one else does.
 He's my best friend,
 my best comforter,
 and I don't know what I'd do without him.

 The other day when I came home from the doctor, the minute I walked in the door
 and saw him standing there staring at me,
 it was as if before I could even do anything he was saying, "I'm so sorry, Mom."
And I laid on the floor with him and cried.
 And he sat there, letting me, and licking my face.
 I love my dog.
 My husband has been amazing through this journey too,
 but there's just something about Buster.
 You know, science says that petting an animal greatly reduces stress?
 I think it's true. 

 my dog can fist pound on command.
 How stinking cool is that??


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yours Truly, Frustratedly Peeing

So it looks like the story of my life continues to be:
 "Frustration With Military Healthcare: Pensacola Edition".
 I got burned not once, but twice today.
 Went in to tell my Dr. that I am not only over a week late,
 but I've also been experiencing some symptoms of what I think is pregnancy
 or my body is just as stupid as I think it is.
 So I asked for a blood pregnancy test.
 I took a urine one last week here at home and it was a big fat NOT
 and I've heard the blood tests are way more accurate and sensitive
 and can pick up smaller amounts of hcg.

 Well, my doctor just politely smiled at me,
 and refused. 
 He said that he would only give me another urine test,
 which I know will be negative because my one at home was.
 I called my mom and she said her urine tests were showing negative up until a month and a half to two months in with both me and my brother.
 So I know this one will be a NOT as well.

 I'm just so frustrated. 
 So as I sit there on the verge of tears, he looks at me and says,
 "You're only 23. I don't understand why you care about getting pregnant anyway. It's not like your biological clock is ticking or anything."
 Are you serious jerk?? (insert other choice word here. I'm trying to keep this clean).
 So you're telling me that because I'm not staring menopause in the face,
 I should just lay back and not give a crap when I get to be a mother?
 What if I told you I want 3 kids, and the longer it takes to get each one makes the next that much less possible? 

My poor husband sees me about to reach out and deck him right in the eye start crying,
 and says,
 "See, AM just really wants this so bad; we both do. And it's hard for her because all of our friends had really easy times getting pregnant. Or weren't even trying at all. And as of right now she has at least one friend in every month of the pregnancy spectrum. So it's all she ever hears about from people and it gets difficult when it's all we think about."
 I love him.
 It's sexy when a man stands up for his woman.

 But the Dr. just sits there,
 and smiles at me.
 And literally twiddles his thumbs.

 And then he commits the cardinal sin.
 The big mac-daddy.
 The Super No-No.
 My MALE doctor looks me right in my teary eyes and says,

 I swear I sat there a solid minute
 unable to even believe he just said that
 before I finally responded with,
 "No. No, I'm pretty sure you don't."
 and walked out the door.

 So I went down the hall in tears,
 took my stupid urine test,
 and went home
 and cried to my dog.
 And of course got no call back about my results 
 that I was supposed to get in one hour.

 So now here I sit,
 angry and bitter and sad and a pathetic mess.
 I got the, "come back in 6 months if nothing's happened" order.
 I really don't want to be a constant cry-baby
 or a constant complainer.
 But seriously?
 I really don't know how to end this post.
 I'm just really kind of devastated. 
 I'm so sick of thinking about this.
 And I'm sick of holding other peoples' babies
 and feeling less and less every month like I'll ever hold my own.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

I am so stinking nervous right now,
 kind of like I have been all month,
 but now it's REALLY bad.
 Like, sick to my stomach bad.

 Tomorrow at 1530 we will find out
 (cue dramatic music)
 if I am pregnant
 or just still out of whack.

 I asked BE what he would think if it turned out that we got good news,
 and he said, "honestly, I'm scared. Because that would make it real - this little person would be totally dependent on me, and that's a scary thought."

 I used to have this beautiful plan.
 And it was beautiful, BECAUSE it was a plan.
 And plans always make me feel better.
 I'm just Type A that way :)
 I wanted to get married around 22 or 23,
have my first kid around 25,
 second around 27 or 28,
 and maybe third around 31 or so.

 But I had no idea that I would meet BE.
 I had no idea I would become a military spouse.
 I had no idea how much uncertainty there would be in our lives.
 I had no idea that it would be impossible (and downright foolish) to try to conform our lives to a plan.
And so if a baby comes early, 
 I would be happy just to have at least one healthy child
 that could know BE before he starts deploying with his airframe
 and that he could be involved with
 and that we could worship/adore/go nuts over/love.
So here we are,
 we married four days after my 22nd birthday
 and are now looking at our one-year anniversary fast approaching,
 and tomorrow I might get the best news of my life.

 Or, they could look at me and say that I'm NOT,
 and that they don't know why I've had an almost 30-day cycle
 with no period
 and no baby
 and my body is still weird,
 which would be such a disappointment after finding out that my last cycle had gone so perfectly
 tests showed I ovulated, the cycle was 21 days,
 and I thought finally I was becoming "regular".

 We've had some close friends find out the sex of their babies the past week,
 one couple just announced it's a boy today(which I am PUMPED about because I have the PERFECT, CUTEST idea EVER to make for them as a present)
 and it's made my Baby Envy spark anew.
 I want to know what a positive test feels like,
 what tears of joy feel like
 what that news would actually FEEL like
 to know it's my turn this time.

 I hope they will do my blood test tomorrow and tell me right then,
 so at least this huge mystery can be solved.
 Even though my past two hpt's have been big fat NOTs,
 maybe just maybe they were too early
 and it will show on this other test. 
 Otherwise I'll be worried because we can't start thinking about trying again until I have a stinking period,
 and obviously that's not going to come in any decent amount of time.

 So please pray for us that I will be able to sleep tonight
 and not get my hopes up TOO much,
 and that God will make the result what is in line with HIS plan,
 not mine. 
 And also pray that He comforts me if it's a No-Go.

Totally New Tuesdays #3

Hey Hey Heeeeeeyyyyy!
 Welcome back for week three of the new feature!
 This week, the lovely milspouse in the spotlight is Alyssa over at

Explosions of Love

here is her intro for the blogosphere!
 "My name is Alyssa and my blog, Explosions of Love, was started in December. I'm an Army wife to an EOD tech and a mommy to an 18 month old little girl. I started blogging towards the end of my husband's deployment. I needed a place to put my thoughts since it was hard for me to talk to the other wives in my husband's unit. There was a lot of drama during deployment and it created fissures in our very small group of wives. So I started blogging and it became something that I did regularly. I never went into it writing for someone to read, I just felt that I needed to write. My blog has evolved from those first few posts, which were almost all about Army life and deployment, to being about just about anything. I have posts where I complain about my parents and my in-laws, posts about my daughter (who I call Little Bug), even posts about something I read that sparked a random thought. I include humor, drama, and even some sadness. But there's one thing that is constant with my blog: it's all me. I don't hide my feelings for people or things when I write my blog like I would if I was having a conversation. So, if you would like to read about my life married to an Army EOD tech, a mommy, and a college student, please come on by and check me out."

She doesn't have a button yet and is searching for a new blog design,
 so that means of course that you should visit her page often!!
Her posts really come from the heart,
 and deal with every-day situations (like not wanting to study - which I know ALL too well these days!!)
 I have loved reading and I know you will too.
 So head over and show her some fellow milspouse love and support
 and leave her a comment telling her you are her newest fan!!

 If you know someone with a new blog,
 or have a new blog yourself,
 email me with an intro
 and I will email you back with a feature date!
 Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marine Animals and Ovulation

I got good news today,
 after about twenty follow-up phone calls.
 Apparently, according to my progesterone levels they took on Monday,
 I ovulated!! 
 Which sounds really dumb to be this excited about,
 but it means that all these weird things I've been feeling lately
 could very well be pregnancy
 (not that I'm getting my hopes up or anything lol)
 I am terrified of taking another stick test
 and I think I'm going to wait until Wednesday and just let them test my blood
 since that will be much more definitive anyway
 and I don't want to go through seeing another 
 screaming at me on a pee stick.

 But at least there is hope now!
 It makes it better because I'm a lot more at peace about things this week.
 Had a good cry or two,
 and got it out of my system. 
 I think I'm ok with God's plan now.
 Or at least I'm trying to be.
 If it's this month, I'll be thrilled,
 and if it's not, then at least BE and I have more time to work and save and plan
 which would be a good thing to.
 Ah the art of "not really hardcore trying but not preventing it from happening" lol

 On another note,
 my husband says the darndest things.
 I wish there was a TV show for that.
I'd win some serious cash.
 Some as of late are:

 Me: "I had the craziest dream last night. We were in a war zone hiding from the enemy in this little room, and you pulled out your phone and had an app that showed where all the soldiers were and that they were coming toward us, and I started crying. And that's when I woke up."
 BE: "Well, you should'a just kept dreaming! Because obviously if I had an app that could track the war, I would have used my other awesome app to call in an airstrike."

After BE beat our neighbor twice in Words With Friends: "You see, when I see her when I'm 50, I can be like, 'Hey, remember that time I beat you in Words? I only won twice, but nobody knows that. So I'm the Champion for all time.' And that's why you quit when you're ahead, baby."

 After seeing a sign by a roadside fruit stand: "Tomatoes that taste like Tomatoes? What else are they supposed to taste like? Feet??"

BE: "Baby, I'm so fat. I look like a whale. Are you ok with the fact that you're in love with a marine animal?"

 BE: "Remember that t-shirt I told you about that says 'White People Are Crazy'? I gotta have it. It's gonna be fantastic."

 BE: "I just really like the way the word polyp sounds. Why is that so weird?"

 BE: "Work is stupid. Naked is better."

 So now that you've gotten a good laugh at the expense of my ridiculous husband,
 I'm going to go study some more
 and laugh as I remember other funny things he says,
 because there are lots of them.
 I'm so glad I married a man with humor :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ohhh Stand By Me

I am amazed at how great my husband has been lately,
 mostly because I'm a certified basket-case.
 Emotional wreck, definitely.
 Crazy? Getting there.

 TTC sucks.
 Plain and simple.
 Especially when it seems like every time you pray for babies,
 ten of your friends get them.
 but not you.
 Which is pretty much the story of my life.
 BE probably thinks I'm nuts
 because I drive myself crazy with it unintentionally.
 But I stare at the calendar.
 And bare my soul on this blog lol.
 And he just hugs me every month
 when he comes home from class 
 and I'm sitting there on the bathroom floor
 because the Tampax Pearl wrapper is still there,
 sitting in the wastebasket,
 the angering proof of another failed month of trying.
 Just sits there, and hugs me, for as long as I cry.
 He's so amazing.

 So here is another one of our favorite songs to dance to,
 and one that I find special these days,
 as I need him to stand by me more and more
 as I get crazier and crazier with this whole process.
 and continue to bear my soul on a blog.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Art of Being Not Hopeful

There is an art form
 that I think I may never master.
 It's called being Not Hopeful. 
 And I suck at it.
 I do all the things the doctor tells me
 I look at the calendar and calculate days
 I pray almost constantly
 and we try.
 and we try.
 and we try.
 And every month I get disappointed.
 And angry at my body.
 Angry at this process.
 That seems so easy for everyone around me.

 Some days it's harder than others,
 especially now when so many of our friends
 are finding out if it's pink or blue for them.
 As overjoyed as I get for them,
 I still can't help but get jealous.
 Wow that sounds horrible.
 It's not that I'm not happy for everyone else,
 it's just that I spend every day wondering
 how it feels to see a + on a stick
 instead of always a big fat NOT.
 I wonder how it feels to call friends and family,
 and look at cribs and carseats in stores,
 because I actually need them,
 and not just because I wish I did.

 And this month,
 just like every month,
 I find myself getting hopeful.
 The other day, I went to change and I bumped my chest and it hurt,
 when I woke up in the morning on Monday I threw up, and I never do,
 I'm so tired even after a full night's sleep I have to have a nap.
 Since I came off my pill I also haven't had a cycle ever go past 20 days. 
 I'm on day 23 now.
 But I'm so irregular I don't know if I'm technically "late".
 BE says, "oh, you must be pregnant!"
 God do I hope.
 But I don't know.
 It might just be all this stress that is causing it all.
 and no baby.
 I have an appointment again on the 17th
 and if I haven't started yet I will ask for a blood test.
 But the waiting until then is going to kill me.

 Can God not tell when I fall to my knees and cry and beg
 how badly I want this?
 I know it's not decided on my time,
 but still.
 I wish I could learn the art of being Not Hopeful.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Totally New Tuesdays #2

So I'm excited to roll out week two of the meme!
Don't forget to grab the button using the code from my sidebar
 and proudly display it on your page once you've been featured!!

 This week, I would like to introduce you to Niki at
She is super sweet and I have loved getting to know her through her blog and email!
 Plus, she tweets a lot and I like that in a gal :)
 Here is her intro!
"My name is Niki and you guessed it I am an Air Force Wife. I  have been married to Patrick for 11 years and we have two boys. Sebastian is our oldest and he will be 10 years old this year. Brendan is our “baby” and he will be 7 this year. We live in North Carolina. Patrick has been in the USAF for 16 years. We met online in 2000 and got married a few months later.  I have my AAS in paralegal studies and getting ready to go back to school for my BAS in paralegal studies.

My blog is about my life as a mil spouse I talk about my kids, the books I am reading and anything else that happens to hit my fancy. I also hope to become a published author one day.  I hope you enjoy reading about my life and I hope that we become bloggy pals."

Also, grab her button here:

She and I bonded because we both met our husbands online
 and married them soon after.
 Sometimes, when ya know, ya know!
 She's also doing a "get to know me" group of posts lately,
 so it would be a great time to go become a fan!
 Remember to leave her some comment and follower love!

 And if you or someone you know is a new blogger,
 email me at
 and we will get you featured!
 Happy Tuesday :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Easy Like A Sunday Morning

As Forrest Gump's mother said,
 "We've been having all sorts of visitors."
 First it was my parents and grandparents who actually made the trip to come see the house for the first time,
 and then this weekend it was some GREAT friends of ours
 that we know from OTS and LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
 I had so much fun

 making dinner,
 going to a cookout with all of our friends,
 making orange lemonade from scratch,
 going to the beach,
 and showing them around town,
 or just watching silly things like Kindergarten Cop at home.
 Oh, and showing her some bloggy tricks :)
 She just started a blog and needs some friends,
 so you should go follow her!

 But anyway,
 I love Sundays.
 We wake up and usually go to church,
 or watch our old church from Auburn on the computer live,
 get lunch,
 take a nap,
 and then decide how much we are actually going to get done lol.
 Usually it's not much.
 But everyone needs one day of the week to do nothing
 and waste away the whole afternoon on a nap.
 Recharge, so to speak.

 I woke up from our nap first today,
 shook him,
 and told him it was time to wake up.
 To which he responded:
 "But I don't get why it didn't turn orange,"
 as he looks me straight in the eye.
 "Honey... WHAT didn't turn orange?"
 "The altitude enunciator... when you get over a certain altitude it's supposed to turn this orange color. It's not. And I don't know why.... Wait, where am I?"
 Wow. You know you've had a long week when you're talking about cabin pressurization when you wake up from a nap. 
 Poor baby.

 So now we are settling in to watch our favorite baseball team,
 the Red Sox,
 hopefully beat the Yankees tonight.
 And unwind from a great weekend.
 What day of the week do you take for yourselves?
 Do you separate out a weeknight to break up the week,
 or take a day in the weekend like we do?
And does anyone else's husband talk about his job in his sleep?
 Or is it just mine? lol

Friday, August 5, 2011

Milspouse Friday Fill-In

It's time once again to link up with Wife of a Sailor for the Friday Fill-In.
 This week it's fill in the blank
 with famous quotes.
 This should be interesting.

 1. Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll probably be sunburned by 3:00 and bored by 5:00.
 2. It is amazing what you can accomplish if you wake up before noon. hmmm...
 3. If you can't stand the heat, you probably shouldn't wear a flight suit. Or so my husband says.
 4. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to deciding what we're having for dinner.
 5. Well behaved women seldom walk around the house just in a bra and underwear. It's comfortable and I promise the blinds are shut. Don't look at me like that. I know you are. But you know you want to do it. (Submitted by This Army Wife and Every Branch )

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Link-Up

Welcome back for the What's YOUR Song? Link-up
 hosted by Goodnight Moon

This week my song is from a band that my husband recently introduced me to
 called the Dirty Guv'nahs
 If you like the Kings of Leon, you will love these guys.
 Also, a cool sidenote,
 If you do like the song, then hit up their facebook page
 or find them
 to upload their ENTIRE new album for FREE.
 And who doesn't love free??
 Anyway, I LOVE this song, and even though it doesn't have a cool video 
 I decided I would share it anyway :)

I think it has a great message!
 Also, I'm getting really nervous,
 because coming up on Monday
 I go back to the hospital to get more blood drawn
 This time it's progesterone levels to see if I'm even ovulating.
 Scary, because if I'm not,
 that means we're facing a whole new host of problems.
 And I can't fathom dealing with that.
 The doctor even looked at me at my last appointment and said,
 "Hmm. I don't get it. You're young and healthy, your husband is young and healthy...
 This should be working for you." 
 Yeah. I know.
 I'm crossing my fingers SO HARD that when I get to my next appointment on the 17th
 something miraculous might have happened.
 I feel like I pray about it all the time.
 Even since my Wal-Mart epiphany where I decided I didn't want to go as extreme as plotting my basal body temperature on charts that looked like NASA took ten years designing them
 or denying my husband if our schedule wasn't conforming to "every other day" precisely
 or buying ten different kinds of ovulation predictor kits
 or all this other stuff.
 Yes I want a baby,
 but I also don't want my husband and I's love life to be so structured neither of us enjoys it anymore.
 So we'll see.
 Please keep your fingers crossed and prayers going for us this month
 We want this so bad.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Totally New Tuesdays #1

So today starts the first Totally New Tuesdays meme!!
 I am so excited to introduce you to a new friend of mine
 and blogger!
 Her name is KL and her blog is "The New Normal"
And grab her button!

I asked her to write up a blurb
 to introduce you to her and her blog,
 and here is what she wrote:

There is no such thing as "normal" when you are a military family, especially when in the midst of a deployment. Normal changes on a daily basis!This life is ever-changing and I try to capture it all through my blog. I'm a proud wife to J who is currently serving in Iraq and a BUSY momma to our two fast-paced kids. I'm a part-time chauffeur, zoo-keeper, boo-boo healer, domestic manager and full-time teacher. It's a crazy life! While I may sometimes complain about what the Army throws at us, I love this life and wouldn't change it for a thing. I'm proud to support my hubby on the homefront! I love meeting other bloggers, so join in and follow me as the kiddos and I navigate the ups and downs and try to figure out what "normal" is during our year without Daddy!
So go and show her some blogosphere love
 and become her newest follower!
 And remember,
 if you or someone you know has a new blog,
 tell them to email me with their blog URL and a blurb about themself,
and I will email them back with the date they will be featured!
 Grab the button for this meme off of my sidebar and proudly display it on your blog
 once you've been featured!