Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Thanksgiving is over! Christmas is now!"

To preface the title of this post,
 the hubs and I had a funny moment the other night.
 I asked him to put up THE TREE.
 To which he, as always, rolled his eyes and whined.
 You know, like men do.
 Since men don't understand women's obsessions with things
(like Christmas).
After much convincing, he proceeded to comment that,
 "Thanksgiving was just yesterday, though."
 and to which I replied,
 "Thanksgiving is over! Christmas is now!"

 Needless to say, our tree is assembled in the corner
 glowing in Christmas beauty as we speak.

 Got some bad news this week.
 Apparently the place we picked to have our wedding ceremony in Atlanta,
 which overlooks Piedmont Park,
 will be on the road that will be shut down on our wedding date
 during the exact hours of our ceremony...
 for a Red Bull soap box derby.
 Which means thousands of drunk idiots all over the park
 (where we were going to take pictures)
 being loud and obnoxious and probably being the reason my whole family won't find our wedding location because they are all out-of-towners and roads will be closed.
 Honestly, I'm worried that we won't even be able to hear ourselves think.
 Of course our coordinator waited to call and tell me the news
 "so as not to ruin our holiday".
 Good thing we already bought all of our save the dates.
 With the date on them.
 And the venue.
 And they shipped.
 And they're already in envelopes at my house.
 So now I don't really know what to do.
 Grin and bear it?
 Hope it's not that bad?
 Because I can't really change the date thanks as always to the lovely Air Force,
 and I can't really change the location because it's printed on 200 paid-for save the dates.
What would you do?

 Also, I'm entering this picture on 
on the show-off page!
 I just ordered this picture as a canvas to become my first shop item on Etsy!!!
 I'm super excited about this.
 I plan to sell a whole line of canvasses of different door-knobs,
 because I'm weird and they're my photography obsession.
 I hope there are other people out there who like door-knobs lol.
 Have a great week everyone!!

and then, she {snapped}

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Life As A Nurse

I feel terrible that my updates are so sporadic these days,
but work has been taking up all my time!
 Today ended my first week off of orientation,
 and I'll tell you what:
 Big Girl Panties are scary.
 I had that shift last week,
 you know,
 the one that might as well have had Murphy's Law stamped in bright red all over it?
 Everything went wrong,
 I ran around all day and night
 and didn't even realize I hadn't stopped to pee once since 6 a.m.
I should have just inserted my own catheter.
 Hauling the bag around would have been easier.
 But then, I had one patient,
 and as he stood there telling me about how much his necessary medications cost,
 and how hard it is for him, 
 I had my first "ah-ha" moment as a nurse.
I was TRULY listening to him.
 Not just HEARING him.
 Really taking to heart what he was saying,
 feeling my heart break for him as he looked so defeated by the system,
 and so I sat.
 Even though I was busy.
 I just sat, facing him, and I listened.
 And it really opened my heart. 
 I was reminded of a verse:
 James 1:19 "Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear,
 slow to speak, and slow to anger."
 I was so frustrated by the shift, 
by feeling like I just couldn't get caught up to save my life,
 but in that moment I began to pray all of that away.
 And I listened.
 I heard not only the words my patient was speaking, but WHAT HE WAS TRYING TO SAY.
 And as I left later, he looked at me and said,
 "You know, I've had lots of fine nurses, but you've been one of the best."
 Talk about a heart bursting.
 Bursting with appreciation that for that shift, I had gotten that opportunity,
 and that God had given me ears to listen.
Wishing that I could solve all the problems of every person in the world,
 and having the knowledge to realize that I can't.
 But also to realize what I CAN do.
 And that's be more than just a waitress with a fancy title,
 more than just a medicine machine,
 more than just that girl who pops her head in every once in a while.
 I can be an example.
 I can be a picture of how a Christian woman should be.
 I can be the one person who truly cares,
 and takes the time to do as much as I can about it.
 I can be the person who knows my patients backwards and forwards
 and advocates for their best interests,
 even when the day has been long and I'm already behind.
 I can be the one who sits with them when they are scared and tells dumb jokes when they need a laugh,
 explain things to them instead of telling them it's "because the doctor says you need it,"
 the one who makes things right by them.
 I can be what it truly means to be a Nurse.
 And if I can be that,
 no matter how stressful my week was,
 I consider it a complete and total success.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lots of Exciting Announcements!

Hello fellow bloggers!
 So much has been happening in my life lately!
 It makes me kind of tired just thinking about it :)

 But it's all good and exciting stuff,
 so I guess I'll let it slide.
 Just this once.
 For starters,
 I said YES to a dress!!
 I got to go shopping in Atlanta
 with my mom and my brother's girlfriend
 last weekend,
 and boom!
 There it was.
 It's so unique and simple and lovely,
 I can't stop staring at it!
 Since the hubs doesn't read the blog,
 I can show you guys :)

Another exciting piece of news is that I am now officially a
Go check out their website by clicking on the link on the side of my page.
 Another link will shortly be posted to my Facebook page.
 There is a Veterans Day Sale going on if you buy from me
 and use the code VETS
Bravo Tango Tees - Veterans' Day Sale
or use THIS LINK to buy from me!
I LOVE their shirts, and they make great gifts for military friends and family!
 They also have some great motivational shirts on the site as well!
 Check them out!

 My Etsy shop
 "The Living Lens"
 will also be up later in the month!!
 I am in the process of getting my first group of items together
 before I list them.
 I am so excited!!
 I will be selling some of my own photography stretched onto canvas,
 hand-painted canvasses with Bible verses on them,
 and even some custom canvas work for your photography!
 My dream is to take peoples' wedding pictures and superimpose their vows into the background <3

 My husband has started his next phase of training,
 and nursing is taking me away from home for a few days each week,
 but it's been amazing and busy and wonderful
 and I'm thankful for it.
 BE and I also want to send out a huge thank you to all the Marines out there today,
 as they celebrate the birthday of the Marine Corps!!
 Thank you men/women, and your families, for all you do!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Help!! Blogger In Technicality-Induced Distress!!

I am losing hair.
 Literally AND metaphorically.
 Wanna know why?


 I am drowning in a sea of legal know-how
 that I don't have a clue how-to.
 A few days ago I had some friends look through my photos
 and mention that I should try to blow some up and sell them.
 I laughed.
 Then I considered.
 And now I'm committed.
 I can see some of my beach scenes above fireplaces,
 and Blue Angels pics posted on some little boy's bedroom wall.
 So I'm going to transfer some of them to canvas
 and try to share with the world a little passion of mine.
 But I'm not very Etsy-savvy.
 And therein lies my problem.
 as with EVERYTHING in this world,
 It's not "just that easy".

 In short, I want to get all the legal mumbo-jumbo done
 before I create the actual shop.
 But what all do I actually need?
 It's just me, in my living room,
 printing pictures onto canvas.
 That's it.
 No employees
 (the dog works for treats)
 and no real workspace.

 Here are things I've been told I need:
 a Florida business license
 a Business Tax Receipt (BTR)
 a DBA
 a "fictitious name" (not sure if that's the same as a DBA)
 an EIN
 a Sales and Tax Exemption Number
 and something for Income Tax.

 You've got to be kidding me.
 I have NO CLUE what all this stuff means,
 or even if I really need it.
 I just don't want the Law coming knocking at my door
 ready to take me away in handcuffs because I forgot some form.
 So, Etsy loves,
 If anyone knows anything about any of this,
 please please please shed some light for me!!
 Either respond here or email me at

 I will love you FOREVER.
 your business illiterate friend,
 Me :)