So, long story short, I come from a very long line of housewives and AWESOME cooks. 
My family whole-heartedly believed in a hot dinner around a table
talking about the day.

Even though I grew up baking alongside my mother and grandmother,
I realized very quickly once I got married that homemade apple dumplings and cake
would only cover so many meals ;)

So, I went on a mission:
To collect family recipes...
and invent my own.

So I started a blog to share some of my most cherished family recipes
with the world,
as well as the stuff that I just made up (and that turned out edible).

So go check out my other blog
and try some new stuff you just might love.

As that blog gets more established, I plan on adding "outsider" recipes too -
good ones I find in magazines or on the web, as well as
reader submissions :)

So go get cooking!!