Sunday, August 7, 2011

Easy Like A Sunday Morning

As Forrest Gump's mother said,
 "We've been having all sorts of visitors."
 First it was my parents and grandparents who actually made the trip to come see the house for the first time,
 and then this weekend it was some GREAT friends of ours
 that we know from OTS and LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
 I had so much fun

 making dinner,
 going to a cookout with all of our friends,
 making orange lemonade from scratch,
 going to the beach,
 and showing them around town,
 or just watching silly things like Kindergarten Cop at home.
 Oh, and showing her some bloggy tricks :)
 She just started a blog and needs some friends,
 so you should go follow her!

 But anyway,
 I love Sundays.
 We wake up and usually go to church,
 or watch our old church from Auburn on the computer live,
 get lunch,
 take a nap,
 and then decide how much we are actually going to get done lol.
 Usually it's not much.
 But everyone needs one day of the week to do nothing
 and waste away the whole afternoon on a nap.
 Recharge, so to speak.

 I woke up from our nap first today,
 shook him,
 and told him it was time to wake up.
 To which he responded:
 "But I don't get why it didn't turn orange,"
 as he looks me straight in the eye.
 "Honey... WHAT didn't turn orange?"
 "The altitude enunciator... when you get over a certain altitude it's supposed to turn this orange color. It's not. And I don't know why.... Wait, where am I?"
 Wow. You know you've had a long week when you're talking about cabin pressurization when you wake up from a nap. 
 Poor baby.

 So now we are settling in to watch our favorite baseball team,
 the Red Sox,
 hopefully beat the Yankees tonight.
 And unwind from a great weekend.
 What day of the week do you take for yourselves?
 Do you separate out a weeknight to break up the week,
 or take a day in the weekend like we do?
And does anyone else's husband talk about his job in his sleep?
 Or is it just mine? lol


  1. Yum, my hubby has had dreams that he's back in the AF and forgot to wear his pants or shirt to work. Weird!

  2. Thanks lady!! You are awesome! Love you!


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