Sunday, August 14, 2011

Marine Animals and Ovulation

I got good news today,
 after about twenty follow-up phone calls.
 Apparently, according to my progesterone levels they took on Monday,
 I ovulated!! 
 Which sounds really dumb to be this excited about,
 but it means that all these weird things I've been feeling lately
 could very well be pregnancy
 (not that I'm getting my hopes up or anything lol)
 I am terrified of taking another stick test
 and I think I'm going to wait until Wednesday and just let them test my blood
 since that will be much more definitive anyway
 and I don't want to go through seeing another 
 screaming at me on a pee stick.

 But at least there is hope now!
 It makes it better because I'm a lot more at peace about things this week.
 Had a good cry or two,
 and got it out of my system. 
 I think I'm ok with God's plan now.
 Or at least I'm trying to be.
 If it's this month, I'll be thrilled,
 and if it's not, then at least BE and I have more time to work and save and plan
 which would be a good thing to.
 Ah the art of "not really hardcore trying but not preventing it from happening" lol

 On another note,
 my husband says the darndest things.
 I wish there was a TV show for that.
I'd win some serious cash.
 Some as of late are:

 Me: "I had the craziest dream last night. We were in a war zone hiding from the enemy in this little room, and you pulled out your phone and had an app that showed where all the soldiers were and that they were coming toward us, and I started crying. And that's when I woke up."
 BE: "Well, you should'a just kept dreaming! Because obviously if I had an app that could track the war, I would have used my other awesome app to call in an airstrike."

After BE beat our neighbor twice in Words With Friends: "You see, when I see her when I'm 50, I can be like, 'Hey, remember that time I beat you in Words? I only won twice, but nobody knows that. So I'm the Champion for all time.' And that's why you quit when you're ahead, baby."

 After seeing a sign by a roadside fruit stand: "Tomatoes that taste like Tomatoes? What else are they supposed to taste like? Feet??"

BE: "Baby, I'm so fat. I look like a whale. Are you ok with the fact that you're in love with a marine animal?"

 BE: "Remember that t-shirt I told you about that says 'White People Are Crazy'? I gotta have it. It's gonna be fantastic."

 BE: "I just really like the way the word polyp sounds. Why is that so weird?"

 BE: "Work is stupid. Naked is better."

 So now that you've gotten a good laugh at the expense of my ridiculous husband,
 I'm going to go study some more
 and laugh as I remember other funny things he says,
 because there are lots of them.
 I'm so glad I married a man with humor :)


  1. Omg I just laughed so hard! I hate to admit that I take on the same role your husband does of saying crazy things in the relationship lol. I hope you have a great night!! :)

  2. You definitley gave me a good laugh tonight!! I am sooo praying for you to recieve amazing news on Wednesday! You are such a stong woman to keep your head up and stay positive through your trials!


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