Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Totally New Tuesdays

 The new weekly snippet
 (not really sure if you can call it a meme...)
 is officially underway!!

 I have already been contacted by a few wonderful blogger buddies
 and so I decided to make this idea

 So, "Totally New Tuesdays" has been born.
 It even has a button:
Super cute, I know.
 So, starting next Tuesday,
 I will introduce to you, a new blogger!
 And tell you their story
 and direct you to their awesome page
 so you can become their newest fan.
 Because all of us want to be rockstars,
 and all rockstars need fans.

 So if you know someone with a new(ish) blog,
 direct them here!
 And if it's you,
 send me an email, at 
 Tell me your story,
 and I will

 1. Link directly to your page
 2. Display your button
 3. Share your snippet
 4. Get you followers!

 Pretty much what I'm saying is
 Use me for free and shameless advertising!!
haha :) I'm excited.


  1. YAY, looking forward to my day in the spotlight. :D Have a great day sweetie!

  2. This is great idea and I will be emailing you soon though I have no idea what to say about myself for people to read.


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