Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fill-In (And I'm Featured!!!)

So here is the Friday Fill-In from Wife of a Sailor, which I always love, but that is so much more exciting this week because one of my questions has made the cut! I can't wait to see how many newcomers visit the blog and become followers! Hope everyone will stop back in within the next few days to see the blog's facelift and totally new template!! :) Happy filling!

1. Does your significant other read your blog? Why is this a good or a bad thing? Submitted by Mrs. Alana's Miscellany
Actually, BE does read my posts usually the day that I post them (probably because they show up in his Facebook newsfeed). It has its good days and its bad, mostly because he keeps a lot of things a lot more close-vested than I do. For me, this is a catharsis, so I tend to let it all out, but for him sometimes he rolls his eyes and says "did you really need everyone to know that??" Sometimes guys just don't get WHY we do it.

2. What is one item in your house that holds the most sentimental value and why? Submitted by The Albrecht Squad
Wow that's always such a tough question to answer. I always try to think of it in terms of "if the house was burning down and I only had time to save one thing, what would I want it to be?" and when I think of it that way, there is only one answer. My strand of pearls. Before you judge me, let me explain. Pearls are a big deal in my family - a girl gets her first strand from her fiance/husband either soon before or soon after the wedding; it symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter of womanhood, and I have been waiting my whole life to get my own. My husband presented me with my strand of pearls the night before he graduated Officer Training School, as a thank you for sticking by him and enduring our first separation with him. I wore them the next morning to his commissioning and cried like a baby. I had only ever mentioned the pearls once before - but he remembered. That's why they are so precious to me. :)

3. When it comes to water fun in the summer do you prefer the beach, the pool, a lake, or the sprinklers? submitted by The Tervo Times
Definitely the beach!! I think that's why I love living in Pensacola for the moment so much. The sun, the sand, and the water all in one... plus, I've managed to (falsely) convince myself that I get a better tan there than anywhere else ;) LOL

4. Now for MY QUESTION!! What is the one special thing that you do for yourself to get you through the first week of a deployment/separation? Submitted by yours truly :)
To jumpstart my first week alone, I always make myself a list on the magnetic dry erase board on our fridge of the ten things I want to accomplish during that separation (no matter how big or small). That way I see it every morning and it encourages me not to just sit around the house! Also, I get a new kind of coffee creamer :)

5. What is your biggest guilty pleasure website? submitted by Christine's Little Blog
Ok, so I could spend HOURS on Facebook, but that's no surprise to anyone who knows me! Other than that I'm a total sucker for E! Online. I MUST know exactly what the Kardashians are doing at any given moment. It's bad.


  1. You had such a good question! And a way better answer than me. lol

  2. I love the story of the pearls! What an awesome tradition.

  3. Love the pearls! That is so sweet :)

    I am a facebook addict too, I think we need a facebook group for addicts!

    Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. Such a great idea to make a list on a white board. I find that the first couple weeks of deployments I sit around and sulk. I just might steal this idea from you :) Thanks!

  5. I loved the Pearls story! Also what a great idea with the white board! Maybe if it were staring me in the face everytime I walk to the kitchen it would motivate me! I have been pretty demotivated this deployment. I am your newest follower!!


  6. I agree...the Pearls tradition in your family is special and your specific Pearl story is sweet. :o) A great idea too for making a list of things to accomplish while your hubby is deployed...great to have goals that you can see done and keep busy with until he returns.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    So nice to meet you through MMBH... I am following now at #42. And since you mentioned facbook...I'd love to invite you to look at my facebook art page :o)


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