Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh, Wednesday

Well, today is back to Day One with the hubs - CSO school officially began for him bright and early this morning (the alarm went off around 0430 and I wanted to punch him), so I'm left to tackle my NCLEX-RN studying alone, which I thought would be a good thing but in reality has completely and totally killed my motivation with no one in the background like a second father telling me to STUDY! constantly. So Animal Cops Houston has been the majority of my morning lol (Buster watches tv if there are dogs on it, and we're all about some justice seeing as how he was a humane society dog himself). While my husband struggles to survive death by powerpoint, I am left to stare slack-faced at my computer screen for the rest of the day, and try to break it up with chores around the house as I go.

I am pretty excited to be going to see Winnie the Pooh in theaters this Friday - judge me all you want but I LOVE those old stories and can't wait to see what they did with it in movie form. You are never too old for Disney.

One week from today I FINALLY have my GYN appointment. Only took me over a month of fighting to get it. You would think being on your "week" for over a month would be considered slightly emergent - guess not. Luckily I have stopped (for longer than two days this time - WOOHOO!!) and so BE and I are back on the baby-making warpath. I am treating this like a personal battle against my own body - and trying to overcome my faith doubts in the process. It's hard seeing people like Casey Anthony and young adolescents having children and then look at us - married with a home, the finances to support it, and all the love in the world to give - and make sense of it. Sometimes it's easy to convince myself that either God has abandoned me or that he doesn't hear me when I fall on my face and pray. It's easy to waiver in faith when your body doesn't work "the way it's supposed to". Somehow I have to trust that he knows my heart and how badly I want this, and trust that he has the power to make it happen. Fingers crossed that he will.

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  1. I am so overly excited for winnie the pooh! I decided while everyone see's the midnight premiere of HP Im gonna see that haha. Even though I love Hp. Good luck with the doctor!


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