Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Link-Up

So I FINALLY get to premier the new blog design and I'm so happy!! It still needs a little work and rearranging, but I think it's so cute! I am also happy to announce that one of my Dr. appointments has turned up a good result - over a year ago a tumor was found in my breast and ever since then I have been going for re-checks and ultrasounds every 4-6 months. Today I had another, and the mass has decreased in size so much that it is no longer detectable!!! The surgeon shook my hand and told me that he didn't see any need for me to continue the checks unless I find something else down the road. Gotta give that one up to God, who knows that I'm going through too much other stuff right now to worry about tumors!! Here is the link-up for this week:

From Goodnight Moon,

My song for this week is one that is special to BE and I (and who doesn't LOVE them some Tim McGraw??) Enjoy a classic :)


  1. I love Tim McGraw and this song, great pick!

  2. YAY!! On your good news at the doctor! Great Tim song- I love it!

  3. I love your new layout! It's super cute! And awesome song choice!

  4. So happy to hear about your dr.'s appt! Love the new blog design. And I def love that song, great pick :)

  5. I LOVE Tim McGraw! What a great song choice! Especially with all you seem to be dealing with lately! Love the new design and PTL for your amazing news!!!


  6. Thanks for the love everyone!!! I'm following all of you now lol! I'm thrilled about my news too - thanks for all the support! :)


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