Monday, July 25, 2011

New Weekly Thing...Thoughts??

As I surf around,
like I always do,
I keep finding all these GREAT blogs that are just starting out.
Most only have a few followers.
But they are SO GOOD.

And I remember how thrown-out-there it feels to be "new blogger on the block"
 and wonder "how in the world do I kick this thing off??"
 So, I was thinking.
 I want to do a new little snippet
 once a week
 featuring a "new" blogger.
 A chance for someone to get their story out there
 and spark up some interest
 and get followers
 and become a rockstar
and all that stuff.

Because EVERYONE wants to be a rockstar, after all.
 What do you guys think??
 I want to start taking submissions through my email
 so if you have a new blog and want to get it out there,
 email me at
 and write me a snippet
 or whatever you want to go in my post about your blog
 so I can free advertise for you!
 All I ask is that you follow me (if you're already not).
 I will link to your blog too.
 If I don't get any bites,
I might just start randomly choosing people.
 But here is your chance!!
Email me if you want to be included, and I will gladly start doing a weekly 
 New Blogger post. :)

Oh, and remember: I am hosting the Milspouse Weekly Roundup this Friday,
 so see everyone then!


  1. I love this idea! I'm always looking for new fun blogs to read. My blog is pretty lame but i wish it was new so i could do this!


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