Thursday, July 28, 2011

It Must Be Thursday!

So it's Thursday,
 Which always means a link-up!
 It's time to link up with Goodnight Moon
For the What's Your Song? Link-Up!

So this week, my song
is one of my favorite workout songs!!
 And since I have been 
 and am training for a 5K this past week,
 I thought I'd share one piece of my motivation team. 
And who doesn't need a good 80's throwback every now and then?

Get it?
 "Hurts so good?"
 For working out?
 yeah. :)


  1. LOVE it! I've always wanted to see him in concert....maybe one of these days!

  2. yay I love this song and john mellencamp. Thanks so much for sharing! Good luck on your 5k training :)

  3. haha! That's awesome for working out. Hope you rock your 5k!

  4. YES!!!!!! Great song!!!!! I love "oldies" I know that is what these songs are called now;) Good luck on your 5K. That is so awesome!!!!! I wish I were a runner, but sadly, I do NOT enjoy running. AT.ALL.

  5. Love this song, and love oldies! Good Luck on your 5K!!


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