Friday, July 29, 2011

Milspouse Weekly Round-Up #46!!

 that I finally get to host this round-up!
 If you didn't already know,
 or this is your first time,
 our lovely sponsor!!

So, a little about me :)
 I am a brand spankin' new Air Force wife
 since my husband went through OTS this year
 and is now commissioned.

I had been in a few long-term
 not so great relationships,
 and then after giving up on dating
 met my husband on a dating site.
 He started visiting me on weekends at college
 and it progressed,
 and before we knew it, he had moved from North Carolina to Alabama
 to be with me. 
 We got married November 19, 2010
 on a ledge in the mountains, which we both love,
 with just a few people there,
 and hope to have the big ceremony sometime next year before we PCS again.
He is a CSO (navigator) in training
 and I couldn't be more proud!!

Right now we have one furbaby
 named Buster
 who I got from the pound in college
and ADORE. 
 We are hoping for a two-legged baby
 within the next year or two
 but so far that has not been as successful as we would have liked.
I became obsessed,
 and it was no longer fun anymore,
 so now I am finally at peace with it and we are waiting for it to happen,
 on God's time,
 not my time.
 Because God is the only one who really knows what our lives are going to look like in the future.

 We are just a military couple
 trying to figure all this stuff out
 while we figure out how to be away from family for the first time,
 supporting each other for the first time,
 and finding time to be in love
 amidst the chaos.
 We are so glad you stopped by,
 and look forward to having some new buddies from this!

We have a new weekly "thing" that is going to be going on,
called Totally New Tuesdays.
The button is on the side of my page :)
 Every Tuesday I'm going to feature a new-ish blogger!
If you are interested in being included,
 please email me and I will be in touch!

Next week, visit
for Round-Up #47!!


  1. Thanks for hosting the roundup this week! Love your intro! :) Have a great weekend.

  2. Great intro post! Glad I remembered it was Friday and linked up :)

    Have an awesome weekend!


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