Wednesday, July 20, 2011

50 Followers!! (And an update)

So yay!!!! First real milestone for the blog reached! I am so blessed to see the big 5-0 finally hit this morning and realize that I am connecting with so many people already. 

On another happy note,
GYN appointment went really well today.
After having waited on this appointment for 5 weeks, I was really hoping SOMEONE would finally give me some answers. 
Luckily the guy understood that (probably when I told him that an almost 6-week period was NOT cool).
So I start labwork tomorrow to check my thyroid levels,
and then on day 21 of my cycle I will have more labs drawn for progesterone
to make sure I'm even ovulating.

Then, I see him back, where he says, "hopefully you'll be seeing me on the OB side instead of the GYN side." He meant well and it was nice, but I just chuckled and said, "I hope." 
I would really like to get pregnant in enough time to where we would have the baby while we were still here at this duty station, and I think once that little deadline passes where it won't matter because it's past the time we'll be here,
I'll probably lose a lot of the stress and that's probably when it will happen lol.

We'll see. I'm just glad that I got a good doctor and he seems to care
and has a plan.
Which already makes me feel better.
So we'll keep trying. 
Until then, this will continue to be my only child:

Not that I mind in the slightest :)
He's pretty darn cute, after all!

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  1. Am praying for you and hurrah for your blog getting 50 followers. I'm almost there! Have a good week!


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