Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You Wish You Were Here

Since we all need a laugh this week... here is a really funny video from the USAFA. Definitely made my day!! Oh, and so did this:
It's so awesome to be able to watch the Blue Angels practice from my back yard, and be only seconds to the base to see them perform!! Also got to meet a fellow milwife blogger today!!!!!!! It was so great! Definitely found a new drama-free partner in crime ;) GO see her page here :) It was my first air show, so needless to say I was impressed. BE really wants me to see the Thunderbirds too, but they are about to go on an overseas tour, so it will probably be a while til I get that opportunity... until then, seeing the Blue Angels fly over my house every morning practicing will suffice! I hope everyone is having a marvelous Monday!

p.s. The Grill is supposed to arrive today, and BE is practically about to pee himself from excitement. I will update you on the situation as it unfolds LOL


  1. Awww you can be my drama free partner-in-crime also! It was so great to meet you. You are beyond sweet!!! :)

  2. Those videos are AWESOME!!! LOL! Oh. The Thunderbirds are coming here for our air show soon. I wanna say it's this weekend, but I'm not sure.

    Hey, can you email me? I don't have your email address. sarahruthtoday@gmail.com

  3. That looks like so much fun! You're right I do wish I was there. LOL

  4. Wow that is so cool! I love the Blue Angels, instant chills when you see them in person

  5. Yeah it was amazing!!! I will definitely go see them again when I can. I wish the Thunderbirds were going to be around here sometime soon, but they aren't :(


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