Friday, May 6, 2011

A Word of Appreciation

HAPPY MILSPOUSE DAY to all the other amazing military spouses out there :) People really don't realize how hard our job is. Saying "see you later" every few months, learning to relive your life when they leave and then relearn it again when they come home, constantly changing role expectations, for some the battle of juggling kids alone, the tearful nights spent with their shirts and cologne, the counting down of months and days and weeks. We really do have a tough job, but then again, we are TOUGH PEOPLE!! Military members, and especially spouses, often don't get the recognition out in the civilian world like I wish they would, but at least between all of us, we know the sacrifices that are made and the effort put into our relaitonships/marriages, and we know that it's worth it for the love that we have found in our significant others!! Plus, better yet, we have each other to lean on and learn from and I personally have found it to be the best group I could ever have been a part of. I love you ladies and am blessed to know you, and I wish you all the happiest of days today.

BE has finally cranked up the new grill for steaks tonight, and I am going to enjoy a nice dinner just the two of us (and Buster Brown, of course) before I have to face him being off to more training here very soon. But it's going to be a great weekend and nothing is going to get me down!! I also graduate on Monday morning from Auburn, and will officially be a BSN graduate!!! I am so excited. I will be the first girl on either side of my family to finish college so it's a pretty big deal :)

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  1. But even with how hard our job is, its so incredibly worth it!!


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