Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's Been That Long Already?!?!

So tonight BE is taking me out on a very special date :) Since he will be gone for our actual 6-month wedding anniversary, we're celebrating it just a smidgeon early and going tonight! He's taking me to see Water for Elephants (which I've been DYING to see!!) and then out to a fancy dinner somewhere in town! I'm getting really excited! Just thought I would share ;) It really doesn't feel like a whole half a year already, but that's probably because he's been gone most of it! We have really enjoyed the time he's been home though, and we're hoping that IFS goes fast! They allot them 4 weeks but technically it can take only half of that time depending on how the weather goes for their flights, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed but told him not to tell me when he's coming home so I can be surprised. It is still surreal looking back at our wedding pictures and remembering that day and feeling so proud of how far we have come as a couple since then. But that's one good aspect of the military life - learning to grow together and work as a team, and always support each other and love each other no matter what. I feel like we have such a strong marriage and one definitely based on trust, and I wish everyone could experience that. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!!


  1. I hope y'all have the best time on your date! Let me know how you like the movie, I really have been wanting to see that as well. Ryan and I have been planning on going to see it for a while but with the move, we've always ran out of time...maybe this weekend :)

  2. it's a great movie!! Sad at times because the circus owner abuses the animals, but a great love story and I thought very well done!


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