Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Special Mission

So today I have a special mission. Today, I want to introduce you to some amazing friends of ours. Their names are Brinn and Blandon, and they are beginning the long and difficult process of adoption. Blandon went through Officer Training School with BE, and I will not hesitate to say that they are one of the best, most loving, kindest couples I have ever met in my life. They have a son (who is ADORABLE) but are unable to have any more children themselves, and so have turned to the blogger world to try to find a birth mother who is considering adoption and wants to find a beautiful family to love her child. I am putting my entire heart behind trying to help them as best I can, so please please please spread the word about the "Prowse House". They are running a blog HERE that you can visit and cry over their amazing story like I did! We love you, Brinn and Blandon, and know you will be blessed with another child to pour your love into - you deserve this dream and we are thinking about and praying for you constantly!!!

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