Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Everything's Gonna Be All Right...

So, okay. Yesterday was quite possibly one of the worst (and most hilarious) days ever. My car, which I always brag runs like a champ, decided to quit on me two nights ago around midnight when I was getting home from a friend's house watching a movie. I barely made it to my driveway and all of a sudden the power steering goes out, the car shudders, and the engine dies. I knew it wasn't the battery though because the lights and radio were still on. I turn the key and it cranks just fine, so I'm confused. But the minute I can get it up into the driveway, it happens again. So here I am, midnight, on my first night with BE in training, with a dead car, and NO idea what to do next. Then I go into my house and stand in my bedroom, only to hear something start running on top of my roof, back and forth and back and forth. Obviously, I freak out. It's way bigger sounding than a squirrel. I pull the gun and do a shaky circuit of the whole house (yeah, I checked every closet and under the beds - you know you would have too). So then I call Tracee over to help me canvas the outside of the house because I'm going insane, and we walk all the way around my house. Finally I'm satisfied that there's no creepy man in a black trenchcoat standing on my roof, and go inside (where of course I didn't sleep...instead, I watched Mob Wives).

So fast forward to yesterday. I get up and start making phonecalls about my car - to BE's old shops where he worked to get opinions, to my dad, to dealerships. Finally I get my car towed to the Honda dealership down the road. 4 hours later they call me... and tell me there's nothing wrong with my car. Even the guy in the tow truck couldn't get it to stay on long enough to back it out of my driveway!! But they said they ran tests and everything diagnostically is fine - there's nothing for them to repair. So I asked them to keep it overnight and check it again in the morning, because it will be bad news bears if I'm driving around town two weeks from now and my car just dies.

Anyway. So while I'm stuck at home with no car, I decide to be an awesome wife and wash BE's mustang (complete with wheel shine, window cleanings, and a hand-dry, so there are no spots of course). Satisfied with my 3-hour long job, because BE is anal about his car, I proudly manage to pull it back into the garage (it's a stick and I don't drive stick), which is impressive enough in itself. So I park it, and decide to go with Tracee to Wal-mart. Since I have a keyless entry to my garage and I know the code, I decide to leave my keys at home. I go out through the garage door and put in the code to shut it, and go on my merry way to Wal-mart. Well, I come home, walk up to the garage, put in the code, and NOTHING HAPPENS. I try the code again - nothing. After a third try, I convince myself I must have the code wrong, and try a different one. Still nothing. About that time, Tracee looks down and sees that my garage door is bowed out a little bit... on the side that BE's car is on. OH. MY. GOODNESS.That's when Tracee asks me the Big Question: "Um... AM? Did you maybe forget to put on the parking brake?" You've got to be freaking kidding me.

So here I am stuck locked out of my house with a garage door that won't open because my husband's car has rolled back into it. So I don't want to force the door open because it will scratch the back of his mustang all up (unforgivable). Of course, I'm super paranoid about the house, so every window is not only locked, but has a piece of wood jammed in it. Of course, every door is locked (with double-sided deadbolts, I  might add) and the keys are never even left in the locks, so even if I broke through the window there would be no key to turn. I am officially screwed. So I call a locksmith.

The locksmith shows up and works on my front door. They are new locks, and he can't get it. We go around back. He finally gets in, and I go to the garage to see the damage and to push BE's car off the garage door. What do I see? The car, sitting right where I parked it, emergency brake on, and NOT against the garage door. So we go back around front, try the garage door again, and IT OPENS RIGHT UP. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??????? All I could do was burst out laughing. Same code I had tried literally four times earlier. So here I have this locksmith who is about to charge me an arm and a leg to open a house that I wasn't really locked out of.

Luckily, he broke the bottom lock in one of my doors (which really doesn't matter because those can get broken into with a credit card - I still have the deadbolt... I also didn't tell him that I have spare locks in my garage that I replaced it with right after he left), so I get him to agree that we will just call it even, and I didn't owe him anything! He did get a really good laugh at me out of the bargain though. So now I realize that I got out scotch free - the car wasn't actually damaged, I didn't have to pay for the locksmith, so in reality I would never even have to tell the hubs about any of it... but in the end, it's just too good of a story. I'm so grateful I had friends offering to help me and give me rides (and even stay with me the whole time). I was able to laugh about it and not cry or get frustrated, and that's a huge accomplishment in itself. BE even told me he was super proud of me for handling everything :)

So yeah. That was my Saga of yesterday. hope you got a good laugh!! lol. Today we went to Eglin and I found the most awesome coin holder for all of BE's challenge coins!!! It is in the shape of a pentagon and has six or seven levels on it, and it spins!! I figured it would be a great way for him to start displaying and building his collection :) Tomorrow I'm going fishing and also starting a workout routine that I'm really hoping I can stick to - my goal is to be able to jog/run a 5K. Here's hoping!!!


  1. i am sorry everything seemed to be against you, but that story was hilarious!
    trust me, there have been many times where i have been locked out! haha.
    and congrats on not ruining the hubs' car :)

    happy wednesday!



  2. Oh I'm glad it all turned out okay! Thanks for linking up!


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