Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prayers Needed!!

So I may be a bit absent from the blogger world for the rest of the weekend... a few days ago my grandfather had chest pain, went in to the hospital and ended up having to go through surgery to get 5 stents put in (which keep vessels open going to the heart). They look like this:

It's actually a neat procedure to watch (I've seen many as a nursing student). They go in at the groin and feed a guide wire with a balloon on the end of it all the way up into the coronary arteries. The stent is wrapped around the deflated balloon. Once the doctor determines that the balloon is in the right area of the heart, they inflate the balloon, which expands the stent. This holds the artery open so that more blood can pass. My grandfather already had 5 to start with, now he has 10 (which is a lot!!). So they did the surgery and sent him home.

Well, today, one of the stents collapsed, and he had a massive heart attack. They had to shock him a few times to revive him on the way to the hospital, and he had to undergo another surgery. I am closer to my grandfather than probably anyone else in my family, so this has really hit me hard, especially since the one person I lean on (my husband) isn't here to be with me. Please pray for my grandfather as he recovers from this and hopefully gets to go home in a few days. This is one thing I hate about military life - it makes you too far away from your family sometimes to do anything or be where you feel like you need to be. I have great friends and a great church group who have been there for me though!

On a side note, please also pray for my patience, because the past two nights I have had neighbors that have kept me up literally all night. Last night I had to call the cops on the neighbors behind me when their rampaging party (complete with blaring rap music and a strobe light on the back porch) went past 3 a.m. (and I had to be up at 7). And now I'm in a hotel room listening to a family of 20 (taking up all 5 rooms around me) hoots and hollers and yells and slams doors in the hall at 1 a.m. I'm so sick of no one allowing me to sleep. I called the front desk and the guy came down and told them to go back in their rooms, but that doesn't help because their rooms are right next to mine. I really need sleep after such a stressful day. So, on that note, please pray!!

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