Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's Your Song? and Giveaway!!

So most of you have been stopping by for

That I posted the other day :)

 Go check that out and win an Air Force or Army dog
 from Trooppaws!
 It has a place on the front of the dog for a picture of your spouse
 that I think is PERFECT for kids!
 Plus it is made out of uniform fabric
 and I just think that's really cool.

 I am also excited to share a super cool song with you.
Most people know Adele,
 but not many people have heard this particular song,
 but I love it!

Great beat,
 great words,
 gotta love it!

 I have also begun the Pinterest craze.
 How the heck have I lived this long
 and somehow missed this wonderful time-wasting goodness??????
My husband will probably think I died.
Oh well.
 Follow me HERE.
 You'd be the first.
 And there's gotta be something awesome about being FIRST, right?
 After all, if you're not first, 
 you're last.
 Or so they say.
 Whoever "they" are.
 That's enough rambling for tonight :)
 Go join in the giveaway entering!!


  1. Her voice is so good. Thanks for sharing :)
    And pinterest is so addicting but there are so many great ideas for projects, recipes etc that it is at least somewhat productive!

  2. I have a friend who is a veteran. She was telling me about a new military website she heard about. The name is She told me that it lists local businesses that offer discounts to the military. I decided to go and look at it myself and found a great site. Not only are there discounts, but there is military related news, jokes and benefit information. In this economy, who couldn't stand to save a little money?


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