Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lee-Filled Labor Day

Hello loves :)

 First, I just want to say a big
 to everyone for the words of love and encouragement
 and congratulations
 I have received
 about my RN and my new job
 (my "yob" as BE likes to call it lol).
 I love the bloggy community
 and the military community
 because we ALWAYS support one another :)

 Also, I finally heard back from the business doing the giveaway,
 so that will be online this coming Tuesday :)
 You're gonna love it!!
(especially if you have kids!)

 In other news, 
 this is our life at the current moment:
lovely, right?
 It hasn't stopped raining for a solid day.
 Our dog
 who is a HUGE wuss,
 refuses to go pee when it's raining,
 so BE and I have been shoving him out the door cruelly
 all day.
 Then he stands there staring back at me like, "why, Mom??"
 But BE and I hit up some weekend sales
 and I am pleased to report that I have a few 
 new outfits to wear.
 One running jacket at Old Navy
 originally $44 rang up for $8!!!!
 Talk about making a girl smile.
 Also, so continues month 5 of baby trying.
 The closer we get to 6 months
 the more worried I get,
 mostly because it means we are that much closer to the dreaded 1 year mark
 and officially getting the "infertile" label.
 I don't know how I will take that.
 It's sad enough having seen almost half a year go by.
 My heart has definitely softened through this trial
 and I feel so much more for the women out there who already feel that pain.
 It really is terrifying to think it may never happen.
 And it gets frustrating,
 when you're "doing everything right"
 and somehow still missing it.
 Most of my friends who are pregnant are showing now,
 and that makes it harder I think.
 The whole Seeing What You Could Have thing.
 But hopefully God will be good to us this month.
 I've kind of been on a roll lately,
 so maybe he could just throw one more teensy weensy little thing in,
 what you think?? ;) 

 Everyone be safe and enjoy your long weekend!!!
 I know we will -
 starting with pizza and movie night
 and laying with the dog
 and listening to the rain :)


  1. stay dry and safe!!
    and congrats on your new job :)

  2. It is warm here but not too bad since it is breezy. I've been out a few times, once for pizza for our lunch so daughter can have some instead of always having leftovers. She had to work late today so we had pizza for lunch. I cleaned the bathroom for 2.5 hours and it's still not done.It's a long story but looks nice. I just need to clean the tub and sweep the floors. I'll post it soon. Tomorrow afternoon we will be looking for a new washing machine, probably at Sears, since they have a big sale this weekend. Hubby worked on washer again this weekend and it is still leaking, but only a little. sigh! He tried. so another new appliance in our house. Hope you don't get hit too hard with the hurricane. Stay dry and am praying for you! Hugs!


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