Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Totally New Tuesdays #5 and a Giveaway!

Hello everyone!!
 Welcome back :)

 Today I am featuring a new blogger
 who is looking to blogging as an outlet for all those roller coaster emotions we experience
 as military wives!
 You can find her blog, It Is What It Is!
 I think her wonderfully written intro says it all!
 "I'm in my late twenties (a couple years from entering the thirties, although I have toyed around with staying 29 for a while).  I married my hubs 6 years ago.  We first started out living in my hometown where I was a teacher and he was a mechanic.  He wasn't fulfilled with life and brought up the idea of him joining the Army (which I promptly shot down).  I finally gave in after he used his famous line, "You know hun if you wanted to do something drastic with your life I would support you 100%."  That really made me think and I said ok.  So for two years we have been an Army family.  Our family grew in June of 2010 when I gave birth (he was a surprise) to my son.  My little unexpected miracle has totally changed my life.  Because of Bubby (my son's nickname), I finally decided to join my husband at his duty station. I was one of those wives that chose my career over being located in the same place. After Bub was born I wanted to make sure that we are to never be apart (well other than when the Army says "Hey we need your hubby").  So I started my blog to help put my feelings out there.  I'm the type to keep everything to myself and well it's not healthy.  I'm still not strong enough to admit to a lot of things in person (or on my blog for that matter) but it seems to be easier to write cartain things.  I'm getting better at writing about my feelings, certain days my posts are not very deep (actually that's most days).  Some of my posts are negative and I'm working on that.  I'm working of finding all the positives that God has given to me (even in terrible things there is always a postive).  So my blog is my journy of feelings through reconnecting with myself, parenting, the army, a deployment, and everything else life throws at me (Hence the title of my blog "it is what it is!") Its my motto for accepting things that I can not change and finding the positives in the life that was given to me" 

Here is her super cute button :)
Go be her newest follower and show her some love!!

 Today I am beginning my first GIVEAWAY!!

 It is for one of these Adorable little dogs:
 from a wonderful company called Trooppaws!
 They make these dogs out of uniform material for all branches,
 and they have a pocket in the front for a picture of your significant other.
 The woman who began this company started out baking cookies for troops,
 and expanded into this idea.
 A portion of the proceeds from all sales go to the 
which I also encourage you to check out.

 So today, I have the privilege of hosting the giveaway
 for an Air Force or Army dog!
 I think this gift would be perfect
 especially if you have children.

 To Enter:
 1. Follow my blog
 2. "Like" my blog on Facebook HERE
3. "Like" Trooppaws on Facebook HERE
4. Visit their website HERE and comment on this post who you would give your dog to!
 5. Additional Entries: Tweet about this post (one tweet daily, one entry each time)
 6. Additional Entries: Tag my blog in a post about the giveaway on Facebook (one status daily, one entry each time)
7. Follow us on Twitter HERE
8. Leave one comment with your email address, so I can contact you if you win!

 If you already follow, or "like" me on Facebook, just leave a comment saying you already do, and that will count as your entry. 
 Leave a separate comment for EACH entry point you fulfill!
 The winner will be chosen randomly on Sept. 19!
 Good luck everyone :)


  1. I visited their website, and I would love to give the dog to my daughter, Millie!

  2. I tweeted tonight! http://twitter.com/#!/chambanachik/status/110942511534579712

  3. I already like TroopPaws on Facebook.

  4. I visited their website and I would give the dog to my step-daughter.

  5. I posted about it on Facebook and tagged your page.

  6. My email address is ftlivingroom@gmail.com

  7. and my e-mail addy is: heartspeaks@hotmail.com

  8. Shared on Facebook again today and tagged you. Thanks!!

  9. Tweeted today!

  10. Tweeted today. (Can you tell I really want to win, lol?)

  11. I just found your blog, and I am a new follower. I like your facebook, and like troop paws as well. My husband just left for one year unaccompanied tour, and it would make a perfect gift for my three year old!

  12. um, i "like" you. :)
    and harper would LOVE this!!

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