Monday, September 12, 2011

My September 11th Post

Ten Years Ago,

 People turned on their televisions in shock,
 Desperately tried to contact loved ones,
Ran to find safe places,
 Asked millions of questions,
Had hearts sink,
 Felt terror,
 Stood up,
 Vowed to fight,
 Ran to hang flags,
Thanked troops for their service,
 More proudly sang the National Anthem,
 Bonded as a country like never before.

This is one day where no one forgets why they say
 Freedom Isn't Free.
 I hope you flew your flag proudly
 and wore red, white, and blue.
 I hope you saw someone in uniform out in your community,
 and thanked them
 and their family.
 I hope you waved at a firetruck as it went by,
 and told a police officer you appreciated them.
 I hope you hugged your children a little tighter,
 and kissed your spouse an extra time
 before they went to work.
 I hope you said an extra long prayer over dinner,
 and called people you hadn't spoken to in a while
 just to say hi.
 I hope you were grateful for this country,
 and the fact that it doesn't rest until it can guarantee our safety.
 I hope you were grateful for life.

 We will NEVER forget.

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