Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Five

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I love where I live! Almost every day I get woken up (sometimes quite rudely) by the sound of F-18 Hornet engines as the Blue Angels pass so close over the top of my house I can read every letter written on their undersides! It really is fascinating to see all that beautiful power so close to me, and know that people travel to see them perform, when I only have to look out my window.

Tomorrow is going to be wonderfully pleasant, as I get to attend a spouse's coffee on base in the morning, and then my milwives small group at church in the evening. I love the people I have met here so much!!

Had a sweet treat tonight after my butt-busting spin class... go to my other blog to get the super easy recipe!

I have started a workout routine (which I haven't done since high school) that I am trying really hard to stick to. Even though I'm thin, I'm really not healthy, and my thighs are massive lol. So I have tried a few classes and run five days a week. Tonight I looked in the mirror after my cool-off shower, and I could see the muscles in my calves and thighs for the first time!!! I felt sensational!

I was at a friend's wedding last weekend, and I sent him a message that I really wish he had been able to come with me to it, and I hoped being married to me these past six months has made him happy, and he responded "You are what makes me happy! I do enjoy getting to serve, but it isn't nearly as much as I love you." It was the most heartwarming thing, and I definitely teared up! Love that man :)

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  1. I laughed at the part of your post about being wakened by F-18! Noisy! I miss the sound of the F=4s, I know, old school Air Force, but always going off at the bases we were at. When we moved here, we are 3 miles from the drag strip. When the jet cars (alcohol powered) go, they sound like jets! So it's like being back by base. I love having hubby with me when there are special occasions, like weddings and anniversarys. Years ago he travelled alot for a company that left me and 2 kids doing stuff on our own. I kinda didn't like it. But I knew he loved us and wished he could be with us more. We lived through it and shared many things to this day. Glad your hubby loves you most!
    Take care and have a good weekend!


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