Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Five and Song Link-Up

So here go my two link-ups for Thursdays - head on over first to Flip Flops and Combat Boots to link up your Thursday 5! This week's words are...

I am happy that my DH is FINALLY home!!! Mostly because the grass needed cut ;) (j/k of course!). He got to come home a few days earlier than I was expecting him to, so it's been a good week.

The thought of our cruise actually working out (thanks to someone finally being willing to help BE sort out his leave situation) makes me absolutely giddy!! We really need this trip and he had a lot of very special sweet things planned for our ports of call, so I'm glad it worked out.

Hearing the amazing scores my hubby got on his checkride at IFS has made me feel so joyful. I am glad he did so well there so that he can gain some confidence before starting nav classes here soon. Apparently not a whole ton of people without previous flight hours get "excellents" on their score sheets, but BE got quite a few!! I am so proud of him!

I am SUPER excited about our bbq we are hosting tomorrow at our house!!! There are a few new families here in Pensacola and we have such a great group I am glad we get to meet some new friends and surround them with a support system that they can call upon while they are here, as well as expand our little circle!

Lastly, I am appreciative of my husband this week. I have been having some "girl issues" lately, and finally got into the doctor today, just to find out that it is either my body going all kinds of crazy adjusting to being off of birth control, or most likely an early stage miscarriage. But BE has been so understanding and loving and supportive that it has really helped me deal with all the uncertainties that still are looming around the issue. The women in my family chronically have difficulty in this area, so I have really been leaning on BE here lately, and he continues to come through. It's a blessing!

And now over to the What's YOUR Song? Link-up from over at Goodnight Moon's Page!! This week, I am posting a beautiful song that BE and I love. I think it really symbolizes the concept of a Christian marriage, and it's definitely how I feel lately with us "dancing in the minefields" and "sailing through the storms". My favorite line is the one where he says, "We bear the light of the Son of Man, so there's nothing left to fear/So I'll walk with you in the shadowland, til the shadows disappear/Cause He promised us forever, and His promises are true/So in the midst of all this chaos, baby, I can dance with you"... it tells us that because a higher power is taking care of all of the unknowns, we can love each other and enjoy our time here on Earth. Very powerful song :) Enjoy!


  1. I have never heard this song until now and it is very beautiful. Great choice :)

  2. I love it when our men come home! Especially if it means you don't have to cut the grass;)

    Yah to hosting a BBQ. That is always so much fun to do, isn't it! Easy, comfort food to make and eat together! Hope you have fun!

    Great song. I've actually heard this song before...are you surprised? Thanks for linking it up this week! Have a great weekend!

  3. BBQs are my favorite! Have fun!

  4. I like this song a lot, in fact I wrote a whole blog about it and the fact that my hubby couldn't get past the fact that 'dancing in the minefields' seem like a dumb idea.....:P

    I just hopped over, nice to meet you :)

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