Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thoughts From The Hubs

Sometimes the things my husband says give me the best chuckle, and tonight was one of them. He sent me this picture of him with his plane out at IFS:

to which a friend of his commented (referring to Top Gun) "Do you have the need??" (If you've seen the movie, you would know that after that, Goose replies, "The need for speed!!"). Well, my husband replies, "There's not much speed in this one. She's only got 125 HP, and our max airspeed is 164 knots, or about 190 mph. It's hard to buzz the tower at Mach 0.15." LOL. 
and here are the rest of the guys in his flight!! I teased him that they have the sorority pose down perfectly.

On another happy note, here is a picture from our romantic dinner celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary (which we celebrated early before BE left) at a great little spot here in Pensacola called the Fish House. I can't say enough good things about the food!
I was so happy he wore his yellow shirt! We met online, and when I was flipping through his pictures I wasn't really stopping to look very long until I saw a picture of him in this yellow shirt. That was the moment that I stopped and decided that I thought he was super cute and I just couldn't resist, and I finally responded to the message he had sent me a few days earlier. So in all technicalities, that yellow shirt started all this! Here is the original picture, so you can see how we've changed lol
Such a stud! We are very excited that we are going to be heading out on our cruise here in the next few weeks!! We actually won it on our honeymoon cruise that my parents sent us on since we had such a tiny wedding. We took a 5 dollar bill into the casino to gamble with (high rollers, I know), I turned it into $20, and we walked out. Well, that night we got invited to the past guest reception since I had cruised with Carnival before. (we really only went because there were free drinks lol) but while we were there they ran a deal just for past cruisers on the raffle that they had been running all week to win another free Carnival cruise. Well, usually you only get 10 tickets for $20, but that night you got double tickets, so I went up and just for kicks and giggles put our $20 into the pot and got 20 tickets. The last day of the cruise they had this little boy come up on stage and pull out a ticket, and it was one of ours!!!!!!!!!! I thought BE was going to pass out. So anyway, we decided to take it when he came home from IFS, so now I'm gearing up! We picked our excursions today, and we will be....

riding horses on the beach (which BE picked out all himself and surprised me with, because I have ridden horses my whole life but never gotten the chance to ride on the beach!) and...
swimming with dolphins!!!! I am so excited about this trip! The fact that 5 of our first 6 months of marriage have been spent apart has really put some stress on our relationship, so I'm very excited to have a week of relaxation and fun and JUST US! Hope everyone has had a fabulous Wednesday :)


  1. That sounds like so much fun! What an awesome thing to win!

  2. Sounds fun and so happy for you. You two look great together. I wish you guys the best life together. Hang in there through the good times and's worth it! Keep your eyes on the Lord and each other!!!

    Thanks for being my latest follower!

    I had a busy day at work, pay checks came late, but was able to get to bank on a break. Rained alot this afternoon. When will it end? Oh well, it could be worse. Take care and have a good week. Hugs!


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