Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Really Real Now!!

So today I registered to take my NCLEX-RN exam to become registered as a nurse for the state of Florida!! It will be a few months before I actually test, but I'm already feeling the nerves. This test is ridiculously expensive to take, so I'd rather not suffer through it twice (especially since the closest testing center is hours away). Plus, I know the hubs is really looking forward to me working (even though I have been an AWESOME housewife the past few months lol). A.K.A. I have WAY too much time on my hands lol. Here are pictures of two of the things I made for BE's homecoming the other night:

and yeah, that's homemade fondant. The cake recipe was all in ounces too, so I had to use a scale. It was super yummy though (gotta love almond extract!!). Then I looked up getting him an Edible Arrangement, but they want over $50 for a patriotic one... well I made mine for about $15. Thrifty, right?

Buster eagerly awaited BE's homecoming all day...
and that night finally got rewarded for all of his pining!! lol. The minute we stepped out of the car when we got home from the airport we could hear him whining from behind the door!
We had a super lazy day yesterday, and plan on doing the same tonight. I think Taco Night and Rock Band with some friends are on the agenda. We had a scare about our cruise the other day when they called BE and told him they had moved him up a class date AGAIN (so much for them telling him they had taken care of it a month ago when they told us his leave was approved) and after much work, he was able to get someone to help him and we are good to go again (HUGE sigh of relief!!) so we are looking forward to that. Our base is also hosting a free Craig Morgan concert this coming week and we are super excited about that because we LOVE our country!!!

Also, not to brag or anything, but BE did AMAZING at IFS!! His check ride he got all good's and a lot of excellent's (which is pretty rare for people who come in without private pilot licenses!) so I am super proud of him for how much work he put into it and how successful he was! Now on to the next thing (which I'm sure he will do amazing at as well!)

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  1. Glad hubby is home and congrats on his goods for his flying! That's awesome! Give him a hug for me and look forward to your report on the!


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