Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So how does this stuff work??

Hello everyone! I'm AM :)

I am a newlywed, soon-to-be college graduate, and now also the brand spankin' new other half to a 2d Lt in the US Air Force (those ranks still have that 'new car smell' too!). I moved us to our first PCS in Florida a few months ago and finished school long distance while my hubby went through OTS, and this is the result: one crazy, overwhelmed, stressed, but happy Airman's wife (who is also a VERY proud Auburn Tiger!). I decided to blog when I ran across a community of other military spouse bloggers and was relieved to find out that I was not in this alone. You can find the community here: . So, here I am! More will come later when I figure this whole blogosphere thing out. I'll admit I've spent two days working on one of those "advanced templates" just to end up back at square one. This stuff is so frustrating, especially when you're as technologically ignorant as I am. Sigh. Well, see ya'll again soon!

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  1. I like to go to a blogger's first post to possibly find out how or why a blog was started and to also maybe learn a little about the blogger :o)

    I totally understand feeling "not so tech savvy" haha I am still learning stuff about blogging, fb, etc...

    My dad is retired AF, hubby is retired Army, brother is active duty Navy and also a whole host of other family in the military :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Again, so nice to meet ya!


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