Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Defining Love & Bad Weather

Funny story. So we were having company over the other day and I had errands I had to run to prepare (of course). So I asked BE if he would please give BB (Buster Brown, our pound mutt) a bath. I even told him there was dog shampoo under my sink, or he could use the Pantene Pro-V in the shower. I come home an hour later and there is a strange aroma filling my master bedroom and bathroom, so of course I holler for BE and ask where Bus is... about that time here comes our huge pitt/hound mix barreling around the corner to greet mommy... and he smells like Old Spice. Reeks of Old Spice. People in Canada could smell the Old Spice wafting from my dog. And all I can do is look at BE and say, "Really?!? Seriously?!?" as he looks at me with the biggest grin on his face, and simply replies, "But babe, all the chickies will love him now. You can't expect him to get any smelling like Pantene." And such are the moments that define my relationship. Much like the time he was in OTS and had no access to TV or radio and the first text I had gotten through to him in almost a week contained the starting lineup for the Boston Red Sox this season (since like a good devoted wife I had stayed up waiting for it to get released) and the response I got back (mind you, it had been a week since we had spoken) was "oh my gosh, I love you. So so much." Yep, those moments. :)

Also, I must ask everyone to please pray for everyone in Alabama tonight. I am back up in Auburn for my last few classes of undergrad (woohoo) and we are getting hit with tornado warning after tornado warning; sirens are going off downtown and the National Weather Service just listed this as a Particularly Dangerous Situation (which apparently they don't do often) and told us to "Take shelter now". So here I am, holed up and blogging lol. Cullman, Arab, and Tuscaloosa were all hit today and there are over 30 confirmed deaths so far, with those numbers expected to rise. I might be a tried-and-true Auburn fan, but no one deserves to have to watch their lives and possessions be destroyed. As I sit here praying Psalm 91 over those of us here in Auburn, I'm also sending out prayers for those who are facing a very long night tonight with either no power or no home, and I hope you will all join me in that. Keep safe tonight everyone!!

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