Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In Need of Blogosphere Besties

So this is my first ever blog about my life (I have one that I list family recipes on) and I'm nervous! Will people like me? Do people care? Will I really connect with others who I can relate to? I hope so! I had to be back up in Auburn for a week to do a mandatory review course for NCLEX (the nursing exam to get your license) and I'm not gonna lie... listening to the same woman drone on to me for 8 hours each day for 3 days when I have the book in front of me that word for word lists everything she's saying (gotta love scripts!) and am perfectly capable (I'm pretty sure) of reading it for myself, is driving me INSANE. Especially since BE leaves for IFS soon and I am wasting precious time!!! Sometimes everyday life really gets in the way, doesn't it? I knew I was a dependent person before the whole military thing, but ever since he was gone at OTS I've realized just how absolutely pathetically dependent I really am.

On a happier note, we finally have all of our pictures up and it finally feels like home! We are really enjoying life in the Sunshine State and I think BE is finally figuring out how to get around town. We had about 16 people over for Easter, and it was wonderful!! It was the first holiday I've ever spent away from my parents and grandparents so it was nice to have a full house. I cooked a 12-pound ham (I know!) and everyone brought things that were common at gatherings with their family, so we ended up with tons of great food! We are really blessed to have such a great Air Force family stationed with us down here that we can share such an important occasion with!! Because the real reason for Easter is CHRIST, as much as I do LOVE those Cadbury eggs.... but Jesus' sacrifice to face a horrible death so that we could all be saved despite our sins (of which I know I am grateful!) gives me SO much hope. Especially as a military wife, I know I am grateful every day that BE encouraged me in my faith and that we grow stronger in it as a couple every day, because I know that despite anything this world or this military life can throw at us, we will be together in the end because God triumphed!! And how incredibly comforting is that?? God is so, so good, ya'll :)

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