Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Thanksgiving is over! Christmas is now!"

To preface the title of this post,
 the hubs and I had a funny moment the other night.
 I asked him to put up THE TREE.
 To which he, as always, rolled his eyes and whined.
 You know, like men do.
 Since men don't understand women's obsessions with things
(like Christmas).
After much convincing, he proceeded to comment that,
 "Thanksgiving was just yesterday, though."
 and to which I replied,
 "Thanksgiving is over! Christmas is now!"

 Needless to say, our tree is assembled in the corner
 glowing in Christmas beauty as we speak.

 Got some bad news this week.
 Apparently the place we picked to have our wedding ceremony in Atlanta,
 which overlooks Piedmont Park,
 will be on the road that will be shut down on our wedding date
 during the exact hours of our ceremony...
 for a Red Bull soap box derby.
 Which means thousands of drunk idiots all over the park
 (where we were going to take pictures)
 being loud and obnoxious and probably being the reason my whole family won't find our wedding location because they are all out-of-towners and roads will be closed.
 Honestly, I'm worried that we won't even be able to hear ourselves think.
 Of course our coordinator waited to call and tell me the news
 "so as not to ruin our holiday".
 Good thing we already bought all of our save the dates.
 With the date on them.
 And the venue.
 And they shipped.
 And they're already in envelopes at my house.
 So now I don't really know what to do.
 Grin and bear it?
 Hope it's not that bad?
 Because I can't really change the date thanks as always to the lovely Air Force,
 and I can't really change the location because it's printed on 200 paid-for save the dates.
What would you do?

 Also, I'm entering this picture on 
on the show-off page!
 I just ordered this picture as a canvas to become my first shop item on Etsy!!!
 I'm super excited about this.
 I plan to sell a whole line of canvasses of different door-knobs,
 because I'm weird and they're my photography obsession.
 I hope there are other people out there who like door-knobs lol.
 Have a great week everyone!!

and then, she {snapped}


  1. I think you'll have the perfect day no matter what happens. :)

    And I love the doorknob photo! Very cool.

  2. What time is the wedding? Maybe you can take some pictures earlier than expected? I would still keep the date and venue; just make new directions to the venue and make sure you drive it and you can find it easily. If you can't find it from your directions, your out of towners won't either. Either way, it will still be wonderful!

  3. interesting photo. I love taking photos of old buildings! Get a few door knob photos but don't go too wild til you know they sell. Been there, done that. I hope it goes well for you. I love old glass door knobs.
    Oh my sorry to hear about your dilemma of the road....Cate's suggestion is good. At least you know in advance of the road closure and hopefully there is ample parking at the venue that is used for that event only. well...never easy when things come up that shouldn't happen but that's life and we deal with it the best way we can, my dear. Praying for you both! We have our tree up and will decorate it today. I was putting the last half of my my photo calendars together last night. Done except for signing the photos. Giveaway on my blog, look for it..I'm putting it up tonight. Hugs!

  4. Love the photo! I like things like that too...

    Sorry to hear about the wedding dilemma. But I'm sure it will be beautiful no matter what! :)


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