Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Help!! Blogger In Technicality-Induced Distress!!

I am losing hair.
 Literally AND metaphorically.
 Wanna know why?


 I am drowning in a sea of legal know-how
 that I don't have a clue how-to.
 A few days ago I had some friends look through my photos
 and mention that I should try to blow some up and sell them.
 I laughed.
 Then I considered.
 And now I'm committed.
 I can see some of my beach scenes above fireplaces,
 and Blue Angels pics posted on some little boy's bedroom wall.
 So I'm going to transfer some of them to canvas
 and try to share with the world a little passion of mine.
 But I'm not very Etsy-savvy.
 And therein lies my problem.
 as with EVERYTHING in this world,
 It's not "just that easy".

 In short, I want to get all the legal mumbo-jumbo done
 before I create the actual shop.
 But what all do I actually need?
 It's just me, in my living room,
 printing pictures onto canvas.
 That's it.
 No employees
 (the dog works for treats)
 and no real workspace.

 Here are things I've been told I need:
 a Florida business license
 a Business Tax Receipt (BTR)
 a DBA
 a "fictitious name" (not sure if that's the same as a DBA)
 an EIN
 a Sales and Tax Exemption Number
 and something for Income Tax.

 You've got to be kidding me.
 I have NO CLUE what all this stuff means,
 or even if I really need it.
 I just don't want the Law coming knocking at my door
 ready to take me away in handcuffs because I forgot some form.
 So, Etsy loves,
 If anyone knows anything about any of this,
 please please please shed some light for me!!
 Either respond here or email me at

 I will love you FOREVER.
 your business illiterate friend,
 Me :)


  1. I haven't sold anything on Etsy, but someone in my family does and I know she doesn't have any of those things. I wonder if it's the law, or if it's more of a recommendation to protect yourself (if you have a larger business?). The income tax thing is probably true, however.

  2. I had no idea you needed all that stuff! I thought for tax purposes you'd need a 1099, but wow.

  3. I've had several friends who sell on etsy and I'm in the process of building my inventory to open my shop. From what I understand you don't have to have all those things. In fact, unless you make over a certain amount of money it doesn't have to be claimed on taxes... but you might want to talk to your accountant or tax person to be sure on that.

  4. Make sure every photo you sell has your signature and year date on it,,...on the front. Keeps from being plagerized. Even photos you have for sale needs a watermark or your name on it so someone has a harder time messing with it. I do it with all my stuff I put on my blog. Just a thought and I hope it goes well with you!

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