Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring air
Open windows
Short-sleeve shirts
and a puppy happily sunning himself in the yard.
All the makings of a perfect day off!
Which was much appreciated after the crazy weekend at work.
I also had a new toy
I finally bought a 50mm f/1.4 portrait lens.
I saw.
I drooled at the mouth.
I debated.
I caved.
And I think I'm in love.

My poor husband and dog!
They quickly became my test subjects,
and as they rolled their eyes at me,
I happily snapped away.
I am super excited about how well I am getting the feel for my lens,
because I have a dear friend coming into town tomorrow
and I get to do her engagement photos!!
I absolutely can't wait!
Knowing that that was coming up also prompted me to *finally* make myself a site
just for my photography.
I'm hoping it will prompt me to schedule more sessions and really get my passion off the ground
so it can grow into something more.
It intimidates me sometimes
being in a town surrounded by a multitude of established professionals,
many of whom are my friends.
I don't want to go asking them a ton of questions
because I feel like I'm being a bother,
and I don't want them to feel like I'm trying to sink into their market.
Right now my focus is to photograph as many people as I can
so I can get the feel for my camera,
get the feel for directing people,
and get the feel for how this whole thing works.
But I'm enjoying it so far :)
I love being a nurse,
but photography has become a great release for me on my off days
to help me get rid of all the stress I accumulated 
from being in such a high-flow environment all week.

Other than that, things are going great here.
The weather is perking up
and life is good :)
I'd like to invite you to go see the first Spring post on my photography page:
and let me know what you think!


  1. How exciting!! It looks great. :)

  2. The site looks wonderful and your photos are beautiful! I love how your puppy smiles :) I've been thinking about getting a new lens for my camera, but I think I still have some more learning to do with what I already have! Great job on the site!


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