Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Days Go By

It is warming up here in Pensacola
Unfortunately that means turning on the A/C (yep, I caved)
which means high power bills again already...
I can't believe it's March and I've lived here over a year now.

Something else hit me the other day.
Namely that we have only a few short months left before BE finds out which plane he's on,
which also determines where we move next,
which in turn determines which bases we could be at for the rest of his career.
My heart about stopped when I realized that by Christmas
we will be setting up in a new home
in a new place
in a new state.

But you know,
that's one of the cool things about being in the military.
We will have spent our first three Christmases all in different parts of the country.
I get to decorate another house the way I like it,
I get to explore new towns,
I get to experience new climates,
I get to expand my small Southern horizons.
And that is just so darn cool.
You get to keep the friends you've made
and yet still start over fresh somewhere new.
My husband gets to feel fulfilled and do a job he loves,
and I get to experience a life I never would have otherwise if I hadn't married the Air Force.
I just know that God is brewing something amazing,
that he has already hand-picked our next assignment,
is working on piecing together our new chapter together.
 And that just absolutely excites me.

What is something you find neat about the military?


  1. I also enjoy the moving and experiencing new places. It is always a stressful time but after the actual move settles down there's so much to take in and explore. I love it!

  2. I liked the friends I made when I was in the AF. I still keep in touch with a few of them. I liked the different places I lived in, England was my favorite. New Mexico was ok, different. Moving a challenge but exciting at the same time. Proud to have served my country! :0) Excited to find out where you are going to go! I'll be waiting!

  3. Came across a blog this morning by a girl with fertility issues who is close to our age, if you're interested.

    We're not military, but we've made several moves, and I love having roots/friends/family all over. It's like coming home wherever you go. : )

  4. YES! I totally agree. The moving around is so fun.

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