Sunday, February 26, 2012

Special People Deserve Special Somethings

Hey everybody :)
I hope the weekend has left you as rested and refreshed as it has us!!
I think any time I looked over at BE with my typical,
"so....what do we do now?" look,
he promptly replied,
Sometimes between him and the dog I wonder if I really need a kid ;)

I come to you with a special request.
I mentioned this wonderful family back when I first had my blog,
but now that I have so many more amazing fans,
I figured I would re-spread the word!!

Meet the Prowse family.

They are dear friends of ours (a.k.a. Brinn kept me sane while our husbands were at OTS
and Blandon kept BE sane, and then there's Harper, who is just plain handsome)
and they have the most beautiful family.
But after a long trial with secondary infertility,
they decided to venture into the world of adoption.
Now, they are done with their application paperwork,
I don't usually post things like this, 
so you should know how special they are.
Brinn and Blandon are truly one of the sweetest, most loving, most optimistic, and just plain good-hearted couples we know.
Go read their story
(disclaimer: you WILL need tissues)
and please contact them if you think you can help them
or even if you just want to throw some words of encouragement or prayers their way!
Visit them HERE GO!! :)

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