Sunday, December 11, 2011

Have You Thanked Someone Today?

Today, I saw a police officer eating lunch alone.
 And it made me realize just how many unsung heroes there are in our communities.
 My husband gets thanked often,
 asked about his service. 
 I have had countless military friends have hands shaken,
 meals anonymously paid for,
 favors done in kind.
 But I have never seen anyone walk over to a police officer
 or a fireman
 and ask them about what led them to their job,
 or thank them for their service.
 I'm not saying that no one does,
 but I feel like in military towns sometimes other public servants go somewhat unnoticed.
 Sometimes it's harder to tell,
 like with teachers,
 or nurses, 
 or childcare workers,
 who wear normal clothes.
 But I have decided that I am going to make a point this season
 to thank someone that I think may never have been thanked before.
 Take a plate of cookies to my local volunteer fire station,
 pay for a police officer's meal,
 tell my friends who are teachers that I don't know how they do what they do
 and keep their sanity
 (because I don't).
 Your local EMS?
 They've probably saved the life of someone you know.
 Your garbage man/woman?
 Does a job you wouldn't want to do, thanklessly.
 Your mail carrier? 
 Would probably love a Christmas card this year.
A waitress?
 Only makes about $2.00 an hour, and literally relies on tips to make ends meet
 (and I know this because I waited tables for 8 years for people who thought we at least make minimum wage...we wish!!)

 So, the moral of this story is,
 while you're in the holiday spirit
 and sending out checks and donations left and right to charities,
 and buying tons of presents for people you know,
 do something small for someone who goes largely unrecognized in your community,
 whomever you think that may be.
 I promise, they will appreciate it
 more than you realize.
 Imagine the joy you could bring,
 just by doing something simple!!

 So, I challenge you:
 and then post about it!
 Link up below this week to the post talking about your random act of kindness,
 and we can all have fun reading how we have enriched lives.
 And really,
 isn't that what Christmas is about anyway?


  1. What a wonderful challenge! I love that you posted about this! Great advice and so true...I'm going to make sure to do this! :)

  2. This is so true! I've thought of this before and I always let my shyness get in the way. Thanks for the challenge! :)


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