Monday, October 3, 2011


Man, I've been busy lately.
 Mostly busy not being busy.
 I need work to start now!
 (before I lose my mind in this house)
 because it can only get SO clean...
 my husband called me the other day
 and asked why I sounded out of breath on the phone
 (and probably thought, 'It's finally happened; she's cheating on me WHILE I'M ON THE PHONE WITH HER') lol
 he got home, bust through the door
 to find me on my hands and knees scrubbing the daylights out of our ugly linoleum kitchen floor.
 Our house STILL smells like Pine Sol.
 His response?
 "Oh. Well, you can cheat on me with cleaning products anytime."

 My grandparents came down for a visit,
 which made my week because neither of them is in the best health,
and now that we live here it's difficult to see them.
 I got to see my little brother and his girlfriend for dinner tonight too,
 and that was great because he's old enough now to where we can talk like adults
 and that's a really great thing.
 I love how close we are.
 (even though he'll seem 8 years old in my head his whole life probably).
 So I've been blessed to see family in the past two weeks.

 BE and I are also into our group Bible study on Sundays too,
 dissecting Romans
 (the book, not the people)
 and it has been very enlightening for me,
 because sometimes when I read the Bible,
 I feel like an idiot 
 (not gonna lie)
 so it's nice to have a dense book like Romans
 put into terms I can understand.
 I found it much harder to really get excited about my faith
 when I couldn't even grasp what I was reading.
We are also into Lesson 2 of our Fireproof study
 and that one has been pretty eye-opening as well.
 I'm glad we can carve out a few hours a week for these things.
 I think our marriage has gotten better because of them.
 You get to learn a little more about the other person
 by hearing how they interpret things.

 I love the fact that Fall has finally decided to arrive in Florida.
 My house is decorated,
 the "Fall Leaves and Spice" AirWick's are in place,
 I baked a loaf of pumpkin bread today,
 and Buster is really enjoying getting to be out in the yard for longer than 5 minutes
 without me worrying about heat stroke.
 I absolutely LOVE getting to have the windows open all day
 and my air conditioner not kick on :)

 Now, as promised,
 some pictures from our recent adventures!



  1. Those are amazing pictures! I love them. Also, I was thinking about doing the Fireproof study once we are married. Now I will definitely have to keep that in mind!


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